Saturday, January 21, 2006

Tub Hockey Update

Wow! We've had a great response looking for tub hockey players.
Mom asked, "How many cats per hockey team?"
Dad said, "No cats purr 'hockey team,' they purr 'rrrrr'."
I don't get it.

Anyway, besides Bonnie & me, we've heard from Edsel, SS&S, Beau, The Crew, Derby, The Meezers, and Muddy! That's a lot of cats - I lost count! Mom, can we have a sleep-over?

We have four team name suggestions - maybe we should form 4 teams?

  1. The Hackers (Bonnie says sounds like Packers and goes with her hairball habit)
  2. Ice Cats (Edsel's popular suggestion)
  3. Scratchers (Beau's great idea)
  4. S'no Men (Dad says because there's no hu-mens on the team)

Then there's jersey colors to choose:

  1. Orange, Black, Gray and White
  2. Red and Black

And can someone make a logo? Mom says she can't. Let's see your ideas in the comments, 'kay?

Wow, this is so exciting, I've got to go practice some more. But would someone please ask Bonnie to ease up a little? Thanks!

P.S. I like hockey better outside the tub - but Bonnie said that's against the rules.


  1. How many of us Purr team? With this many volunteers we may need more than one team.

    Plus, do we have to practice together? Where are the games and who did the schedule?

  2. Good questions, Derby! I'll coach, but doesn't the league set up the game schedule? As for practice, I hope you are ALL practicing in your home rink nightly. Never mind the humans saying they need sleep, this is imporant! You're in training now.

  3. Me and Mittens was wondering if we could be cheerleaders?

  4. Oh, oh, I am in trubles....Mistrie wants to be a cheerleader too!

  5. We could have several teams and then have a Round Robin tournament. (Robin..mmmmmm). The Whippy Curly Tails mom in the Toasty South is an artist. Maybe we can get her to do logos.
    We want an agent to negotiate a fair contract.
    Payment in Stinky Goodness or cold hard cash to buy the Goodness.

  6. actually, i suggested white and black with red stripes as, i think cheerleaders is a great idea!!

  7. Permanent Stinky Goodness is a good idea - but we would need to have pockets in the uniforms to hold any cold hard cash. Maybe there should be some sort of draft for teams if there are a lot of poodins wanting to play?

  8. The draft CBA has been posted. Please review and comment.

  9. I forgot to answer Bonnie's comment. Here in Edmonton, we are firm believers that you must support the origins of your sport. So at sometime in the future, we will be hosting the Furitage Classic to be played at an outdoor venue. Hopefully it won't be as cold as the human's Heritage Classic.

  10. How about the name:


    The Whippy Curly Tails in the Toasty South!