Sunday, December 25, 2005

Purry Christmouse

Yesterday, the people hung some big socks on the wall. One was yarn and smelled like catnip, but when I tried to get a closer sniff, the woman said no and made me get away from it. Bonnie pretended to ignore it, but I think she was looking forward to finding out what was in there, too.

This morning, I had to work hard to get my people up. I don't know why they sleep so long and don't get up at the same time every day. Don't their tummies tell them it's time? I guess not, because I have to tell them when it's time to feed the cats. Anyway, I knew this morning was different because a man came to the house last night and Bonnie didn't hiss or growl at him. He ate the cookies and milk the people left out (I didn't even touch the milk - I'm a good boy), petted us and put more stuff around the tree. He smelled kind of funny, like burned wood and some animal I might want to hunt. He even tossed my ball for me!

Ok, so this morning, the people came out and the boy was so excited he could hardly control himself and the man and woman kept trying to calm him, but it was like he'd had catnip or something. Then, he got down the sock that smelled nice and pulled out so many cat things, I couldn't count! There's a stick with strings I love to chase and then two of bunches of things, so Bonnie and I each have one. Best of all are the catnip "Pawbreakers". They're balls of catnip that we can slowly eat. I got so excited, I was swatting all around and forgot what a grump Bonnie is. She was rolling around and seemed happy, but when I swatted her (accidentally), she got mad and yelled at me. She growls and grumbles at me a lot, but we also played tag/chase around the basement and the woman said we were really good for treats. I'm sorry I bited her finger yesterday; I get carried away when she gives us treats. Today I was more careful.

I played so much, I had to take a long nap, but the boy kept saying, "Look at Victor, how cute!" and it's hard to sleep with that. I think Bonnie was smart to go sleep on the bed, but I can't go there while she's there. -Victor

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