Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hellllooooooo Out There!

Victor here. 
We has held a Convenshun of Annoyed Tabbys (CAT) an insisted on a new post. We also asked fur a new pictor at the top of the page... the old pictor was actually flipped ofur so you was all seein us in the mirror. Or sumfing like that. Anyway, dis new pictor is more recent an not flipped, so Nina's split-color nose has the colors on the right sides! 

BUT... now our blog title is hidin behind our pictor. Mom said she'd fix it, but ran outa fixin it ideas. We made her stop afore she brakes our bloggie completely.

Dad's been home lots more for awhile now, an then Mom got "laid off" at werk, so it's been up to us to "lay on" her at home. Sumtimes, she gets on the phone wif people an sounds nervous, talkin bout what her is good at. Sumtimes, she gets up early, dresses up an goes out fur a few hours, then comes back excited an tired. We suspect she's tryin to find new werk, but since we want her home, we's arranged for her dress up clothes to haf cat hair droppin off during interviews. I mean, if they don't like cats, why'd she wanna werk there?

Mom's also up to somethin else. She goes out in comfy clothes for awhile and comes back smellin of other kittehs! At first, I was jealous - some ofur kitteh might try to dopt our mom away frum us - but now I's just curious. No new kittehs has comed into our house and the kittehs aren't markin Mom as "theirs", but I gotta sniff her REAL good when she comes home. She says she's helpin kittehs find their furever homes, but if she brings one here, I wanna know about it! This is MY mom we's talkin about, and I won't share her wif just anyone!

Oh, it's me, Nina? 
I understand how busy Mom and Dad can be, but it would be nice to talk to our friends more. I know I look crabby in the new picture up there at the top of our blog, but I wasn't. I just flinch a little because that flash can be so bright! Also, Victor was in my favorite basket, crowding my space. I mean, I like Victor a lot, but when he gets close enough, he usually nibbles and bites me!

I love having Mom and Dad home! I can wander up and purr at them any time I want more skritches and they watch me and Victor wrestle and play. I hop into their laps for petting, but I can't settle there for more than a few seconds. Some of Mom's dress up clothes have danglies that I'm not supposed to play with, so I've been exploring new places, like the top of her dresser, looking for more toys. Exploring is fun when I know Mom and Dad are around to protect me.

I've smelled other cats on Mom's clothes and hands, too. Mostly, I don't mind, but one time, I looked all around for the new cat! I poofed my fur so if I found that new cat, it would think I'm big. But there's no new cat, just me and Victor. I think Mom's helping shelter cats find new homes, and that's good. Victor and I were shelter cats.

All in all, we are happy and healthy, finding the warmest sleeping places and keeping our human "beans" in line. Now, I'm going hunting for the red light bug. Bye!


  1. Hey Victor and Nina! Great to see you again. We like your new header and we don't think you look crabby Nina. That is a good idea of both of you to fur up her clothes when she is going to interviews. She wouldn't want to work for the wrong people. Good luck with her job hunting.

  2. Hi Victor and Nina
    It is really good to see both of you and get an update on how everything been going. WE sure hope your Mom finds a werk soon, we know how impawtant dat is to Mom! We will purr!

  3. Long time no see, you guys! That's nice that your human is helping other kitties while she is not working... just so long as she doesn't bring one home!

  4. Great to see you posting again! Sending purrs for your Mom to find a new job!

  5. Perhaps she should consider that if she is at home, she ought to be doing your blog. I mean really...HUMANS! They are so thoughtless...

  6. I don't think you look annoyed, Nina. I think you look like you have attitude...I like that.

    I hope your mom finds a work place that likes cat hairs. People who don't like cats...they're probably not trustworthy. Not at all...

  7. Hi Friends!! we is sorry your the mom gotted "layed off" - our the mom had that happen to her a couple of times and while WE enjoyed the company, SHE hated it. I think she hates US. We is happy to hear from you!!!

  8. It is good that your Mom is helping other kitties. We are sorry she lost her job and hope she finds another one, if she really wants one!

    We are glad you are all OK and hope to see more of you!

  9. We're so glad to hear from you, Victor and Nina! And it's nice that your mom is helping other kitties find homes!!

  10. Hello Victor and Nina. Sorry to hear about you mom. Like other kitties, it has happened to our mommie, and boy was she cranky some days. We were ready for her to go back to work!

  11. Your mom can always go back to the header widget and check the box to add the blog title under the picture. We like the look of your blog. Such good-looking kitties.

    Humans just hate job hunting but we're sure your mom is real good at what she does and will find a better one.

  12. Wow, we got behind on visitin! Several friends suddenly showed up on our bloglist that were up ta 2 weeks old.

    About the Blog Title, tell yer Mom ta just make it part of the Header an it will allus show up... ;)