Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mom's Explanation

Nina, do you believe Mom's explanation?

Oh, Victor, why would she lie?

Wul, yeah, but why didn't she tell us sooner?

Maybe she didn't want you to be jealous.

Me, jealous? Of Mom feeding kitties that aren't us? Of Mom playing with kitties that aren't us? Why would I be jealous? Mom's just sitting those kitties.

Oh, Victor, weren't you worried about the Temptations that disappeared, and the catnip, and the wand toy? And the new toys in her bag that... that... she didn't give to US?? You don't mind her playing with them, petting them, even making a LAP for them?

Nah, I wasn't worried. The Temptations came back, we haf plenty more catnip, and we were tired of that wand toy ::yawn::. She gave us a couple new toys, just not alla them. We'll probably get the others later. Stop worrying.

Victor, I think you should see something. Something on Mom's camera. It's... it's an orange kitty!
Little Lady Milo

And the next picture... she's a floofy buff kitty!
Lovely but Dangerous Lomi

What?!?!! She's takin PICTORS of them? An posting them on Flickr for comments?!? Next she'll put them on our blog! MOM'S CHEATING ON US!!!


  1. You got to watch the draw of other kitties.

  2. This is not good. Our Mom cheats on us sometimes too. You need to demand that she stops. On the other paw, those are two cuties!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  3. The pictures are what did it for me! She's cheatin!

  4. Pictures too?! And now on your blog?! Oh man!

  5. uh oh! We know a Mom that's in BIG trubble! On the other paw, it's good to know that your Mom has a lotta love in her. Cute Orangies!

  6. The big floofy one looks a bit like our Loki. Sorry to hear that your mom's been cheating on you but at least you're not getting a little sister like we thought.

  7. Thats how it STARTS! Ya better be careful. First, shes "just visitin" some friends. Then she starts thinking about them more and more and decides she needs more kitties in her life. Then, POOF! Ya got a new sister or brother... Or TWO!

  8. For a moment there, it sounded like a sweet deal - getting some new toys to replace an old, tired one, and no kitties on the premises, just their scents. But the photos of them on the blog - that is NOT RIGHT!

  9. your mom's just spreading the love around :D

    I just started blogging about my cat Mr. Mutton! Would love it if you two can come over and check it out!!

  10. It may be cat-sitting now, but be careful if your mom enjoyed the orange ones too much. You may end up with an orange sibling.

  11. ♫ Your cheatin' heart,
    Will make you weep,
    You'll cry and cry,
    And try to sleep,
    But sleep won't come,
    The whole night through,
    Your cheatin heart, will tell on you... ♫

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  13. Thanks for the share. Looks like your mom is cheating on you. Those photos are really cute though. Have a wonderful rest of your day.
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