Monday, May 23, 2011

Further Explanation

Oh, Mom says she was just pet-sitting those orange and buff girl kitties. The orange one is Meelo and the buff one is Lowme, and Mom was taking care of them while their mom was away. Moms shouldn't go away. And moms shouldn't take care of other kitties. At least, not without purrmission. 

Mom says Meelo is friendly and wanted to sit in her lap (Victor's lap). She had the boy "love on her" so Mom could take care of the food and litter. I guess having plenty of food and a clean litter box while your mom is away is good. Mom also says Lowme has "cattitude" and hissed and growled at her a lot. She said it was a little like Bonnie. Even Lowme got lonely and wanted a little petting from Mom, but not too much.

Mom says she tried giving them some treats but someone (Lowme?) yakked them up, so she brought the treats back to us. She also gave them some new toys, different from their old ones, to see if they'd play more. Well, someone tore one of the toys apart, ate the pieces, and yakked them up (Lowme). So Mom took that toy and threw it away. At least she didn't take them one of my red dots! I'm gonna catch that dot one of these days, I just know it!

Mom told us all this while Victor was in her lap, making it smell right again, and I was listening over her shoulder. She says we're still her special kitties and Lowme and Meelo aren't trying to adopt her. They never had catnip before (what kind of Mom never gave her kitties catnip?!?!) and Meelo especially likes the wand toy "we" gave her. Hmmm. I guess sharing our Mom for a few days is ok. What? Two weeks? Oh dear, that's a long time.


  1. Sometimes our mom leaves us, too, and she NEVER asks our permission! Although, that is good of your mom to take care of the other kitties!

  2. We are glad you aren't getting new siblings and that your mom was nice enough to fill in so those kitties' mom could go on vacation (though we don't understands why moms would want to leave anyhow).

  3. We hate it when our Mommy goes on vacation. But the lady who comes in to take care of us when she's gone is really nice and she gives us lots of treats and plays with us.

  4. I think that you all need extra special attention if your Mum is going to be off loving on other cats...

  5. Massive relief that you are gonna get to keep you Mom and things JUST like they should be.

  6. Hacking up your treats and destroying toys - and hacking them up too?! Making your human's lap smell funny?? Just thank your lucky stars these kitties aren't staying at YOUR house! They do not sound very festive.

  7. It's good that you finally got the whole story!
    And that it will only be for two weeks.

    I like the picture of you in the bag!

  8. OK, we think Mom's explanation NOW is good enough. Ya gotta admit that abandoned kitties need some Bein attention. Just make sure ya stop findin those strangers furs on Mom in 2 weeks!

  9. Our mom has had to catsit before too - we don't like it when she smells like other cats, even if she claims they are related to us somehow because we are cousins or something she made up. We agree that moms just should never go away (we are lucky because ours almost never does). But we also think it is good that if a mom has to go away there is someone to take care of the poor kitties she abandoned, so we guess that your mom really is doing a good thing.

  10. If anyone can win ofur dose kittehs Lowme and Meelo, it will be yur Mom. Yoo know how teenage humans can get weird? Dat's how kittehs can get when dare beans are away and dey put anofur bean in charge. Kitthes dont like change so no new food for dem will be da best fing. We finks keepin dem nipped owt is a good fing tho. Heh heh.

  11. Mum's don't seem to ever ask for purrmission, they just do do stuff.

  12. That looks like fun in that bag!

  13. It's nice of her to petsit, but it does make us nervous.

    I can't believe it's been over three years since Bonnie went to the bridge. I still have her as part of your link on my sidebar. We do miss Bonnie...

  14. Bictor!! Bictor!! Mommie has tolded me all about you & her am right, we cood be brofurrs!! It am nice to meet you guys, fanks for commin to my bloggie! Mommie says hi & her misses you!

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