Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Shelter Cat Adoption Month

Victor here ::spin:: I hope you all hasn't furgotted us!

June is Shelter Cat Doption Monf, so I's makin Mom help me wif dis post. Efurry shelter cat should haf a fightin chance to dopt his or her own human(s). I gotted a 2nd chance when I moofed frum 1 shelter to anofur. 

When yur beans hear dat sumone wants a kitty kat, make sure dey suggest Petfinder an yur local shelters. We also wanna suggest maxed-out kitty homes can help shelter cats by lookin at da shelter's swish list, donatin time or green papers, an if da shelter has a store, wul DUH! Shop der! Anofur idear: if a shelter in yur area don't got furry good pictors on Petfinder an you is a purrty good foto-maker, volunteer to do pictors fur them!


  1. Good ideas. However, our local shelter didn't like it when Jan used to volunteer to take good photos. They prefer to put lousy little photos on Petfinder so folks can't really see what the animals look like. The shelter manager doesn't like cats so very few cats even make it that far. Sadly, we are not fond of our local shelter. But Jan adopted two of us from there, so we were fortunate.

  2. We are very lucky that the shelters near us are no-kill but we wish they were bigger! Our new sibs came up from Texas - they would have ended up in a kill shelter if we hadn't taken them in.

    We like your suggestions for helping - we send green papers to local shelters any time we can!

  3. We didn't know that June was adpopt a kitty month. We shall styart promoting it to our friends right away!

  4. Those are excellent suggestions! And easy enough so that any human can do at least one of them!

  5. We like those suggestions a lot. We don't have a no-kill shelter in our town and I would hate to take pictures of a cat at the shelter and I don't want to take a picture and immediately have the cat put to sleep. I was interested in Jan's funny farm comment.
    Have a great day.

  6. Hi Victor,
    We've missed you...but to tell the truth we haven't gotten around the blogs to say hi enough for a long time.

    All three of us were abandoned cats. Thank goodness for nice mom's like yours and ours.

    Do you have a booboo on your nose? Or were you picking your nose with your claw? Heehee. Take care.

  7. Don't worry, we wouldn't forget you. Our mum buys things from our local shelter shop. She washes old toys that we don't play with any more and takes them in for the kitties to play with.

  8. Thanks for getting the word out, Victor. Some of us were "dumpers" because mean People didn't even love us enough to give us a chance at a shelter. We were lucky to show up at a Good House before we starved or were coyote chow.

  9. Thanks for the information. I haven't forgotten you. I haven't had much time to visit lately, so I'm afraid my furriends will forget me.

  10. We could never forget you!

  11. Dear Victor,

    These are excellent ideas. At the same time, we want to remind humans that sometimes a kitty is feral, but needs a home and love. I was feral....abandoned on a naval base at Port Hueneme....and my human adopted me from there.

    So yes, check your local shelter....but remember us ferals too.


  12. We havent forgot you! We know evytime ya post.

    Good post about adoptin shelter kitties...

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  14. Mom has a huge bag of dog toys that are in great shape and some Mommy washed. They belonged to Luke and OBI but ICE has smaller toys. We also have some cat stuff we don't need 'cause we are spoiled as every kitty deserves! We will push Mommy do deliver it this month!!!=^Y^=

  15. Hi Victor!! So glad to see you!! What a cool Idea!! We have lots of toys that we don't use!! Hugs to you, Nina and your Mom!!
    Your TX furiends,

  16. It is so good to support a local shelter. We have a little feral fix-and-release group we help. They socialize the kittens and find homes for them, and get the feral moms to good locations.

  17. Victor so glad you got a second chance when you moved to the second shelter. It is so nice to have forever homes. All of us here were feral cats. It was in our paper that our shelter here cannot take in anymore cats or kittens because they are over loaded. It was said PLEASE NUETER AND SPAY YOUR CATS. Doggies too!
    Some people are so good getting feral cats spayed or nuetered and releasing them back into society and some people don't even care how many their kittens their cats have. It is a very good idea to always check your shelter when you want to get a kitty or a doggy. Right on!

    Mom says every day is hug your cat day. Hee hee.


  18. Thems is furry good idears Victor. Fantabstik!
    Sanjee and tha resta tha Hotties