Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Two Tabby Tuesday

We had grate window whether ofur the weekend!
Window Pair

Mom wanted a cute pictor of us togefur, but she haded to use dat awful flash!
Oh look!

No way was we bof gonna look at da flashy box at da same time! Sumone has to watch fur birds an them teasin squirrels!
Look there!

Mom wanted to show off how well we get along. I luf, luf, luf Nina. Sometimes, I wanna hug her so much, I can't help myself!
No! Is my chair!

Oh, Victor, I said no, but you wouldn't listen! See, I had to shout at you to stop. Victor, I like you, but not that way. Can't we just be furiends?
I mean it!

@DearTabby I luf my sisfur Nina so much, but she don't feel da same bout me. How can I make her luf me?
Laptop User

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  1. Do not be sad, Victor! I am certain that Nina loves you. She just needs a little space.

  2. oh Victor, we think that Nina lufs you lots too - she's just being cautious

  3. Sometimes ladycats need their space . . . . Ivy is always ready for a cuddle or a wrestle, but Holly has to be in the mood.

  4. Victor we just know Nina loves you!! You can see it in her eyes! Sometimes Ladycats take longer to know they love you for sure!
    Your FL furiends,

  5. We love the first photo of you both. It's gorgeous.We think Nina loves you too Victor. She's just being, well she's being a girl. They are like that sometimes.

  6. Eric and Flynn got it right...Nina is just being a girl...you gotta watch out for them...we got Zoey and she's like that too! H*ll on wheels!!!

    Wally & Ernie

  7. Looks like whappin not so much with the huggin.

  8. Just give her some space, not everycat likes to be smothered by their brother.

  9. Maybe if ya try a little bromance. Like sharing your treats or giving her a little head grooming.

    You do look wonderful as a pair in the window.

  10. Don't know what to tell ya bro, Zippy isn't keen on da snuggling either but she does tolerate me. I think it's a girl thing...~Speedy

  11. Dude, I have the same purroblem with Gree sometimes. Oh and she says it's ok about the bloo toona gizzy recipe at the island pawty. She just wants to know if you'll write it down for her. She's daft, yanno.
    your bud Pepi

  12. Oh, Victor, we hope Dear Tabby has some good advice for you. We don't want you to be sad.

  13. Victor, I am sure that Nina loves you, too, she just needs a bit of space sometimes.

  14. She loves you lots, Victor. Sometimes girls need a little space.

    Your pal,

  15. Things take time, Victor. Nina is still getting used to you. Just be patient.

  16. Hi Victor - the photos are beautiful. I am glad you were able to avoid the flash. I always forget to look away. You have a little challenge with Nina - or is it the other way around?