Thursday, December 18, 2008

Quick Bits

First, purr fur Miles an Beau today as they bof bisit da wicked vet peeps to fur testing. Them needs lotsa purring! I can't wate to hear who Miles pees on dis time, too!

Item B) Nina's toy has bin finded! It was in the boy's room, unner all him's furs! Nina is a furry, furry happy torbie an wanted to keep playin all nite. I offered her mine lollipop toy, but she didn't want it.

3. We gots our Secrit Paw! A wonerful pakage frum Beezer! It gots Temptations, Da Bird toys, and Temptations! We gots pictors an lots more fanks to say, but Mom's at bizzy agin.

Last but not leased, lookit da wonnerful pictor Diamond made of me! It's part of a wonnerful bloggin version of Da Nite Afore Chrissymouse. Go see go see go see!

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  1. Merry Christmas to all your cats :)

    Do visit my blog, i update with some photos :)

  2. I like your fancy stocking! Yes, we're worried about our friends at the vet today.

  3. We are purring hard for all those kitties getting tests done today.

  4. Victor you look so very handsome! Even in that silly red hat hehe
    I am very happy Nina found her toy, she obviously did not spit enough skint onto it :)
    And we has not stopped the puurs for our sick furiends :)


  5. Victor, you look wonderful in the picture Diamond made of you :-D

    Congrats, Nina, on finding your toy. I wonder how it got there? Do you think Victor might have hid it from you?

  6. That is such a cute photo. We can't wait to see your pics of Beezer's package for Secret paws.

  7. Wee luv yure raindear Victor, guys. It's soo cute! Haz you iver tryd "Greenies". Theyz the bestest treets EVER! We luvs them Soooo mutch. Daisy, nevurr lykd treets too mutch untill we gotz dem furr de furst tyme. Try dem - yule luv dem furr sure!


    The Hyggecats

  8. You look great Victor, and so glad the toy was found!

  9. That is a lovely picture Diamond made for you. Diamond's mom bean is very talented.

    Holliday Hugs...Gretchen & Mike

  10. That is a most wonderful picture of you Victor! Merry X-mas!
    And we are purring so much for all our sick friends, and the one in need. We hope things will get better next year!

  11. ::Clap, clap, clap::

    I's glad that everything got there so quickly!

    Victor, I's like the picture of you. But where did your's ears go?

  12. Your scrapbook page is bee-utiful! That vishus reindeer looks real enough to put the bitey on!

  13. I can't wait to see those Secret Paws prezzies, they sound wonderful!!!

  14. That is a great picture of you Victor. We are purring for our furrends.

  15. I'm puwwing and puwwing for them! I wove your pictor!


  16. I'm glad Nina found her toy! I know how upset Buddah is that he still can't find him. I guess when you're still that young it really really matters what toy you have...

    That's an awesome picture, too! Diamond did an awesome job on it!

  17. Diamond made a really nice picture for you, Victor. I am so glad that Nina found her toy. I was certain that it was under something, but I never thought of the beans' furs. I guess you know by now that Miles peed on the vet and the vet's assistant.

  18. Hi you two adorable ones! Thank you SO much for your card. It's on the fridge, along with your card from last year! We're collecting. Ha.
    ML has not even sent some of her family cards yet. She is a major slacker, but you know that by now.
    Love from all of the mosaics, especially from Sadie to Victor!!!

  19. wowie, Victor you look great on that pictor!
    I am glad that Nina found her toy. Pierro has a bazillion of them but he only likes the mousies.
    I have been purring for miles. I want him to get better right now!

    Purrs to you and Ninakins

  20. Victor, what a nice picture Diamond made you and we are glad to hear that Nina got her toy back!

  21. I think you look furry good in that Christmas graphic, Victor! And I'm sure glad you guys found Nina's toy, 'cause I know I'd be missin' it, too, if it was mine.

  22. I'm so glad Nina's toy was found. That's a lovely graphic by Diamond, she is very talented. Can't wait to see your Secret Paws pictures. We've really enjoyed Secret Paws!

    Whicky Wuudler

  23. Happy Holidays furries!!!

    The Whippy Curly Tails

  24. Victor:
    That is a terrific stocking that you got! Yay for Christmouse!

  25. Hi Victor and Nina! Thanks so much for the generous Secret Paws gifts for Wendell--he loves them, especially the little mouse on wheels. I'll put up a picture as soon as I locate my camera!