Friday, August 15, 2008

Furry Furiday

I finded the followin pictors on Mom's clicky box. Do you fink I should be worried?

Fuzzy Formerly Ferals

Shmaybe dat's just Grr, Midnight or Cocoa's baby pic?

Adopt a Lion?

O, dat looks a little like Jasper McKitten Cat. Why would my cat furiends be in cages an outdoors? I also finded these pictors of woofies.

Caesar and Lillie


Great BIG Great Dane

Dose woofies better not try an dopt my beans! Kitties... wul, I spose Dad's doptable now since he was Bonnie's bean. But nobody better get atween ME and my MOM. MY MOM. MINE.


An don't efun FINK of takin my mousie, eifur.


  1. Hmmmm, did one of those kitties pick your dad? Happy weekend. ((hugs))

  2. Oh Victor, are you getting a little brother or sister? I think you would like having a brother or sister to play with.

  3. Derby, not yet.
    Eric, a playmate mite be fun, but I like hafin Mom all to myself.

  4. So, did a furrybody adopt your dad? I sure hope nobody tries to 'dopt your mom, cause that might slow down your ::spin::, and I just can't see that happenin'!

    BTW, some of those woofies were HUGE!

  5. A brother or sister might be fun. Somebody for you to whap!

  6. This is very concerning, but my parents have been known to leave pictures in the clicky box for years, so let's not panic.

  7. Hi ya Victor!
    I's sorry that you got a little confused at mine bloggie. Bucky & Suzy-Q are furry nice kitties.

    I know just what you's mean! I'd be worried too. I's say put your paw down. NO to a woofie. A kitty might be OK --- remember that you'd be top cat. It might be fun to have a new kitty to play's wif. And someone for the dadbean ta paly wif, which would leave more time for you wif the mombean.

  8. I git confused YOU ATE THE POOR MOUSIE???

    If the anser is yes I'll be SHOCKED!

  9. We highly recommend getting another brother or sister! We luvs having each other for company and have fun playing all day long. It makes momma laugh a lot. We do think your daddy needs his very own kitty though.


    Laila and Minchie

  10. Brothers and sisters are nice to have - even when their woofies.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  11. Oh Victor, I think maybe you're gonna' have a new sibling pretty soon.
    That could be a good thing!

  12. O, Victor, you may be gitting a new sisfur or brofur fur yours Dad? That would be nice, leave more time for you and yours Mom.
    Love and Purrs,

  13. Gosh Victor, thanks for telling us about our wrong link to Speedy's picture. Misty is all upset about it, so Mom fixed it right away!!

    We hope you get a new baby brother or sister. Kittens are pretty much fun to play with.

  14. Hmmm, those pictures look suspicious. Better remind them that your mousies are off limits to any newcomers.
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  15. That retriever would be a nice woofy to have, if you have to have a woofy. But, if you really want a friend, you can have Buddah...

  16. You could never be replaced, only maybe added to. And I'm sure no one would ever take your mousie!

  17. uh-oh...that's not one of our baby pictures. you'd better watch out. we think that's our cousin, Imadoptable.

  18. Victor, you could get a brother or sister all the way from England. Castle knows of some Meezers that need a good home.

    That one dog is huge.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  19. Victor, this is very, very interesting!

  20. Well, sometimes a best buddy makes all the difference! I didn't think I wanted a best buddy, but now I wouldn't trade Grayson for anything, even a mousie!


  21. Well, that couldn't be any plainer, Victor! We hope she is listening and not too busy looking at pictures.