Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tagged Tabby Tuesday

I's been tagged fur a meme by Cody!

Rules for the meme:
  • Be honest
  • Tag other people
  • Have fun!
What is your name? Victor Tabbycat

If you could change your name, what would it be?
I has no idea! I's always been Victor. I like my nickname, tho: The Spin Doctor! ::spin::

What is your pet's name?
You mean Mom? She's Mom. I fink ofur beans call her Jen, but me an the boy bof call her Mom. Then there's Dad an the boy. They's my pets, too. Bonnie thot they was her staff.

What is your brother or sister's name? Bonnie was my sisfur, but she's goned now. There's the boy... his name is Ryanbeequiet. Or is it Knotnowryan? I don't know, I just call him boy. Oh, an there's da meezer fish, Richter.

If you could change their name, what would it be? Well, Mom likes to be Tabbymom Jen. Da boy is Trainguy ROM an Dad is Slambo. But I like callin thems Mom, boy, an Dad. I fink I'd like to call Richter Lunch.

Ok, who to tag, who to tag...
Ah-ha! I tag Asta, a good woofie furiend!
An Pepi, my aventure bud!
An... the travelin Bathsheba!

O hey, ges what? We's doin the Carnival of the Cats HERE! Dis week! ::spin:: I's so acited, I can hardly wait! ::spin:: More info on my next post, or here. We's nefur done it afore, so Mom needs my help LOTS. Purrs!


  1. Hi Victor! Nice work on your meme! I think I'd like to call your fish "Lunch" too!
    I bet you and your mom do a great job with CotC's!

  2. I love your nickname The Spin Doctor!

  3. We love your Meme answers! Especially Richter lunch! hehehehe! The Carnivals are lots of fun. You'll do fine. Check out some of the past ones for help and inspiration!
    Your FL furiends,

  4. love your answers too and concatulations to hosting the CotC!!


  5. we always love reading meme, a great way to know you more:)

    Check it out our masseur kitties, Fatum & Brutum and when WE all become Significant Other to our beloved human

  6. Victor
    I'd love to see you spin...that was a gweat Meme..thank you fow tagging me...I will do it..Gwand Centwall is a weally nice twain station..but Mommi likes a lot of the ones in Oowope too
    smoochie kisses

  7. Victor, "The Spin Doctor" is a great nickname!

  8. Hehe lunch sounds like a good name furr Richter.

  9. Very interesting answers, especially about lunch.

    purrs and tail wags

  10. We loves yur spins Victor. Good luck doin da Carnival. We am so confused by dat.

  11. Lunch! Hah! Poor Richter! Spin Doctor! Double Hah! You're so funny, Victor!

  12. Excellent,
    I like the way you think your mom is your pet!
    Michico is my pet, too!

  13. All the best with the carnival! I
    ll come check it out. Can't give you any advice, though, cause I ain't never done one neither.

  14. We loved your answers. We like that you also said that your mom was your pet. Mom's make such great pets don't they.

    We think you are going to do great with the CotCs.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

  15. Those are very good answers! We really like the name Victor a lot! Good pictures with you too!

  16. hehe Great answers, Spin Doctor. Gimme a couple days and I'll get mine together.
    Dude, you'll do great with the Carnival. After all, you're the one who pulled the Carnival to its new home in a wagon!
    your bud Pepi

  17. Love your meme, Victor! (That name fits you perfectly.)

  18. Yes, Richter as Lunch would be good :-D

  19. Excellent answers, Victor. We don't have a dad or boy, but we're okay with just Mom.