Sunday, June 29, 2008

Carnival of the Cats #224

Strawberry Fest
Welcome to the two-hunnerd twenty-forteenf Carnival of the Cats! I's Victor Tabbycat, yur ringmaster fur today. ::spin::

Dis is my firstest time hostin the COTC, so if you don't see sumfin you need, just tell Mom. Sum pictors here are frum the model train layout my beans play wif - I hope you like them!

Circus Annex
Come one! Come all! The main show is at 6, but until then, enjoy the side shows!

First up, see flexible Mini as she an the Hotties asplain how they make the hoo-mans squeek! ! Oh, look at them temptin toes!!!

Next, meet Babette, an amazin person who successfully translates the 6am "Mew" of Frankette as the cutest wake-up call! Yes folks, a woman who speaks cat! And what a cat! Oooooh, more temptin toes! Me-ow!

Wait, is dis a kitty toe conspirasy? Our third performers fur yur enjoyment are the cats of Your Moosey Fate. Such floofy, cute toes! So nice fur ticklin...

But wait, don't miss El Destructo - Merlin may look young an innocent, but be warned, he's a naughty kitty! Hey wait, I done sum of that, too!

Are there any purrthday kittehs here today? Don't be shy! You der, what's your name? ... It's KC's purrthday! KC, how old is you? Two years old! Well, KC, here's yur purrthday song! Join me, efurryone!
Hippo Birdie Two Ewes,
Hippo Birdie Two Ewes,
Hippo Birdie Deer KC,
Hippo Birdie Two Ewes!
... and many moooooooore!
Wow... that sounded... diffrint.

When bisitin the carnival, it's nice to bring a date. But first dates don't always go well! Ask new blogger, Minnie the Cat bout her day out wif Flat Face.

Just outside, purrsidential hopeful Cheysuli has received endorsement frum a famous literary figger. I bet she has cute toes, too! Oh, is I sposed to say that bout our next purrsident?

Before you go outside, A Bay Horse has tips for outward bound cats to enjoy the outdoors safely! Sorry, no dressage from these horses today, it's their day off. Do horses haf toes?

BUT WAIT... THERE'S MORE!!! Don't furget the show of shows, unner the big top!

Main Entrance

To get you in the mood, try a little zen wif Kosmo, King of Zen! If you ask nice, he mite save you a seat. Dis mancat's got nice, big toes!

There's plenty of room fur efurryone! No need to get too close; the big top's Texas-sized! Don't step on yur naybor's toes. An let sleepin kitties nap already! Reminder - no flash pictors!

What's new you ask? What's new?? Well, ask Composite Drawings, an they'll show you! Now, say awwwww! Such little toes!

We have some of the greatest stars here! By speshul arrangement, we've booked an amazing pair, Jiminy Cricket and the grasshopper!

Also new, just revealed, the mysterious, elusive RFOAC! Is it real or imagined? Purhaps just her ladyship's dream, as she curls her cute meezer toes.

I Got them Out - Now What?

Want sum refreshments? Lovely Abby the Manx is cleanin the counters fur us since it's Finally Friday at Manx Mnews. Don't get those cute toes dirty, Abby! Let us know if you need help finishin dat food, too.

Efun if yur snoozin an tryin to keep cool, we'll open a can so you don't miss out! No cat sleeps thru a meal!

Of course, our refreshments has to include that greatest treat of all, provided today by Mog, Temptations! Get them afore they all disappear! (nom nom)

If you need to stretch yur legs (or yur toes), gettin a drink is a good time to do it!

While yur up, join Luna and Amar in sum play at Catsynth HQ! Luna is teachin her bean to play fetch, of course!

(New Addition, Nearly Lost): Follow Hakuna to the top of the stairs, and you'll be on top of the world! She's been tellin her beans all bout the week they abandoned her.

Naturally, we haf all yur needs covered. We'll try to avoid an unpleasant surprise while yur... bizzy.

Mom always warned me to beware of huxsters wif their snake oil an cure-all medicines. Folks, dis story is da real fing! Just ask Edison how he's doin on his new meds, an you'll be confinced. Edison? Ed? Oh... sleepin. Let's not disturb hims.

Circus/carnival Billboard

Scuz me, ma'am. How'd you hear bout the carnival? Was it our signage?

Or the flyers Lucky Cat printed and distributed fur us?

Ma'am? Excuse me, young lady? Ms Tiny? Well, she's not for turning!

Purrhaps we'll ask Table Cat. No? Will no one answer dis simple question? Don't make me tickle toes!

Ah, beautiful Eep and Callie look alert to answer my question!

Oh, Samantha an Mr. Tigger, long-time carnival enthusiasts and table cats! They'll help... Oh, uh, I fink we's interrupted them in a... discussion. But notice Sam's cute black & white toes!

I know, ask Kashim for directions! He knows where he lives an his furiends, too! Extra bonus points if you guess where Gree an Othello are on honeymoon!


Need a rest? There are comfy places, as SonnyBob has already discovered! Awww, cute toes, my bengal bud!

Or stretch out in the sun like Eric and his dad! Oh, hey, you gonna share that lounge chair?

Skittles, last week's COTC hostess, had her Sunday snooze rudely interrupted. Her mom's toes may get a surprise!

Ivy and Maddie of Stanger Ranger sure know where to relax! And more cute, curlin toes just fur me... and Fiona?

Folks, it's not all fun and games. Please join me and Nikita in remembering the late, great comedian George Carlin. He must haf been a cat person!

For our grand finale, we present, for the first time before any audience, the one, the only... what? Gone? Did you check unner the bed? Try opening a can... Oh, uh, well...


Thank you efurryone, that's the show! Come see us again!
Amember, next time avoid traffic - ride the monorail cat!

(photo courtesy slambo_42)
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  1. We came! We saw! The greatest CATS of all!! Bravo Victor this was a wonderful Carnival and we wouldn't have missed it for nothing!! Tigger let's try out our :spin: move. :spin zip spin: How did we do Victor?
    Your FL furiends,

  2. Bravo Victor. That wuz a great carnival. Just like Sam and Mr.Tigger said, we wouldn't haf missed it furr nuffin.

  3. O, Victor, that was tha bestest Carnival ever, specially tha part where effurryone singed to me.
    Fanks much,
    Love and Purrs,

  4. Toe-tally great job Victor!

  5. Very nice, Victor...but you must've overlooked Hakuna...

  6. The first time doing a Carnival can be intimidating, but you did an outstanding job.

    Concatulations! ;-D

  7. WOW! ::spin:: ::bounce::
    GREAT JOB Victor I loved your Carnival!!
    It was such fun.

    purrrs, Kashim

  8. Victor victorious!

    'Didn't know how to create a trackback link but have linked you in an update here:

    You and your pussycat toes

  9. Woo hoo Victor! Great job :) I came by yesterday but the typist mom was gone, so I couldn't say nothing til today. ^5 dude!
    your bud Pepi

  10. What a great carnival, Victor! Thanks for hosting this week.

  11. wow! you did a great job on the COC. you are totally the Spinmaster 4000!

  12. Victor

    YOO did a smashing job on dee COTC...we hopes yoo do it again...



  13. Great carnival Victor! and we love the pictures from your model railway.

  14. Excellent!! We really enjoyed the carnival. Congratulations!!

    Brenda & Ninja

  15. Victor, That was a terrific carnival. You are the spinmaster!

    purrs and tail wags

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