Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mom Safed a Bird!

Hey Bonnie, didja here? Mom safed Oreo!
Oreo? He's in Virginia. How could she save him?
Not that Oreo. This Oreo's frum Baltimore. An Mom safed him.
Victor, that doesn't make sense.
I herd Mom an Dad talkin bout it. The Oreo from Baltimore was tangled in fish, hangin frum a branch, an Mom sawed him an safed him's life!
Tangled in FISH?
Sumfing like that. She held Oreo while a flicker cut the fish off.
How much catnip have you had today?
No, really! Here' s a pictor Rurik took to proof it.
The flicker! He had cutters wif him an helped free Oreo.

Victor, that's not Oreo or a flicker, that bird's a Baltimore Oriole.
Dat's what I said! Baltimore Oreo.
And our woman holding it. Our woman caught a bird?
No, the fish caught it and she helped free it. She safed his life.
She caught a bird and LET IT GO???
Uh, yea.
Haven't I taught her anything? Beans. is. weird.
Beans. is. weird.

Tabbymom here. We went for a photowalk with other Madison Flickr members. When I realized this poor bird was hanging from a branch, tangled in fishing line, I tried to help. Our Flickr friend Rurik had his pocket knife and we managed to cut the line away. The little guy had it tangled around his neck! Then he flew away! I didn't get any pictures, but other "Flickrs" got some. Sorry, Bonnie, Victor, no bird for you.

Cat Friends Helping FriendsDon't forget the current raffle at Cat Friends Helping Friends... The Wren's Next donated some wonderful signs so we can help friends in need. Raffle ends on Monday!

Grr, Midnight and Cocoa have explained how your kitty litter can also help CFHF. If you use Fresh Step, here's how you can help.


  1. That little fev-ver wuz lucky your mum and her furrends were there to help him. If we catch fev-vers mum tries to save them furrom us and puts them in a box in the greenhouse until they are undeaded. She shuts us out of the greenhouse then. Not fair!

  2. I am so glad your human is so kind hearted as to save the little bird.

  3. Good thing yoor mom was paying attenchun...dat birdie shouldn't be made ded by fishing line, it's suppose to be catched by kitties (if dey is lucky and fast).

  4. That little bird was so lucky to have your mom come to the rescue!

  5. What a wonderful good mom you have to save that little birdie!

    Purrrrrrrs, China Cat

  6. Oh, that pretty Baltimore Oreo is so lucky your wonderful mom came along!


  7. Though I am sad that your mum didn't bring you the bird, I am happy that they were able to save the bird.

  8. Lucky bird...but I'm thinkin' tastes like chicken...

  9. Way to go beanmom. Our mom helped save a bird when she was itty bitty and she was even in the paper because of it. We are proud to know you.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

    PS - our word verification would have to say duck quack (dukqhuc)

  10. Your bean may be weird, but she's good! It's not easy saving a birdie - and such a cool rare one at that (we hardly ever see them here)!

  11. The oriole had some bad luck, but then a big chunk of good luck. Always nice to hear of a story with a happy ending. (Maybe you 2 should ask mom to go along on the next Flickr walk)

  12. Hooray for saving the oriole! He was sure to be in for a long and painful death tangled up by the neck in fishing line.

  13. i can not believe your beans did not bring that bird home for you two. she had it in her hands for pete's sake. jeez.

    mommy however is very impressed. she puts string out for the birdies to build nests, but none more than 3inches long. she thinks beans who litter are stupid cause they don't understand how their junk effects wildlife.

    great jobbie to your beans for saving a life...even in they didn't bring it home for you two...

  14. I know you wish she would have brought that home for you, but your Mom did a very good thing :-)

  15. that's one purrty fev-ver! bet he would've tasted extra good. your mom was furry nice to save his little life, but HEY - what about the kitties? I hope she gave you extra treats to apologize.

  16. What a tasty- I mean beautiful bird! Thats great that your mom helped. Thanks for visiting me at my new home. Hehe, I knew the name would make some kitties laugh. But really its because our last name actually starts with a "P".


  17. Good work ta free the birdie. It aint proper ta see birdies what is all tangled an cant fly away. We figure that efen iffen we like ta very sometime catch one, they oughtta haf a good fair chance. Not all trappied!

  18. Your mommy was so sweet to help the poor little fevver! What a beautiful little fevver!!!

  19. our mom was glad to see the li'l fevver ended up ok. she useta see 'em in adams county, whiskerconsin, when she was a little girl visitin' her gramma & granpa. she sez the nests is fassynatin', hangin' down like a big silver pouch!