Friday, May 09, 2008

Friday Furiends an Shtuff

It's doodle week! Der's a list of suggested themes (click the pictor) or post any doodle you want.

Today's Doodle Theme is Monsters! Here's a monster Mom useda draw a lot when she was little. Here she sketched it in PowerPoint! Him's name is Boogles.

Announcin CCSI III! Grab sum Temptations an curl up in front of the screen now so you won't miss the show!

Please bisit Cat Friends Helping Friends on Monday to see the latest fund raiser! CFHF needs lots of green papers to get started an they'll need green papers to send to ofur kitties... A few green papers frum lotsa cats adds up to lotsa green papers!

Graphics borrowed frum Stick Figure Grrl an the Cat Realm!

Oh, an don't tell Miles Meezer, but Sammy's thrown him tomorrow. Throwin him? Better check it out!


  1. That is a very cute doodle!
    I hope you have a really happy week-end

  2. That is a great doodle. We love it. We can't wait to see what happens in CCSI III.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

  3. That doodle is not scary - well, maybe a little freaky!

  4. It is very cute indeedy :)

    Thank you playing along :)

  5. That's a great doodle! I've got my Tivo set for Monday!

  6. What a cute monster - I like his name, too!

  7. I think Boogles looks pretty friendly, for a monster!

  8. Haha....I wove your Mommy's doodle!

  9. Happy Mommies Day to your Mommy...
    Love an Purrs,
    Missy Blue Eyes
    baby Faith Boo

  10. Hehe that's a cute monster doodle.
    CCSI is furry eggsiting.

  11. Is the house still standing?

  12. *giggle* One of my half-sister's is called Noodle Doodle, so I guess it's her special week! ;) That's good as she has ickle baby kittens at the moment... :)

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  14. great doodle! I had so much fun with you at the party. So did Bendrix. I hope you didn't get into any trouble. Those bottles sure did fizz up.

    I tagged you for the "Name" meme. Stop by my blog to play!

    PS Bendrix wanted me to tell Bonnie he thinks she is a great dancer. He hopes to get a dance at the next party.

  15. Hey Bonnie and Victor, hope the beans enjoyed their train meeting as much as we all enjoyed the house party.