Tuesday, January 29, 2008


In her poofy place
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From our local news station:

Madison Metro
A WINTER STORM WARNING is in effect until Midnight...
A WIND CHILL ADVISORY is in effect until 12pm Wednesday...
Mostly cloudy with snow (heavy at times this evening) tapering to flurries and ending (total snow accumulations of 2-5"), then becoming partly cloudy, continued very windy and bitterly cold with blizzard or near-blizzard conditions due to blowing snow reducing visibility to near zero at times.
Low: -5
Wind: WNW 15-30 MPH with gusts over 40 MPH; Wind Chills: -20 to -35 by morning

Partly sunny and very cold with diminishing winds.
High: 8
Wind: WSW diminishing to 6-12 MPH; Morning Wind Chills: -15 to -35


  1. Holy Moly - we hope you stay nice and warm! It's still raining here, but it's supposed to get super cold tomorrow!!!

  2. Stay warm, it is starting to get here. We may get more cold than the snow.

  3. Yu need to teleport offur to Hah-why-eee ware it's clowdy and windy but 75 degrees warm!

  4. OOOOOoooo-it's snuggle time! Break out the heating blankies and firewood, too!

  5. You stay wrapped in that cozy comforter! That is way too cold!

  6. You have the right idea Bonnie. Crawl under the beans covers and cover it in furs and sleep the day away.

    We did that here, it was 9 here earlier and now with the windchill it feels like -5! When is spring?

  7. All we can say is dat s**cks. Keep very warm and just think very warm thots. Watch a movie about an island. Da beans are plannin a trip to Whiskonsin in da summer. I hope it's not cold like dat den.

  8. Its no fun being cold. Keep snuggling. Maybe you should tell your mom to plug in a heating pad for you to keep warm on.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

  9. Buurrrr! And we were complaining about the rain! Stay warm.


  10. Yeah, mom and dad went to da store dis afternoon so dey don't hafta go anywhere tonight or tomorrow...brrrrrrrr

  11. Oh, quick! come to San Diego. It's supposed to be about 68 degrees.

    (WHAP!!!!!) My pet human says not to brag.

    I was just trying to help!


    Skittles, The Huntress

  12. Wowww.... this is too cold!!!!
    Stay in warm, turn on the heater to the hotest level!!!

  13. Oh that's cold, not as cold as where My Marie lives but still far too cold for my liking!

  14. wow, that is some intense coldness! Last night after dinner ML and Willie started having severe allergy attacks! ML is still suffering, and Willie is still sneezing. Their faces hurt! We are going to google now to see what is UP in NC? I am fine.

    ML didn't sleep last night and let Leah out at 5am. She did not see Annie trying to sneak out the sliding glass door and closed the door on her head, twice, very hard. It was rich.

  15. Whatever become of the theory of global warming?

  16. I think it's officially a snuggle day for you!

  17. We're freezing here too! -14 this morning!
    Snuggle time!

  18. Scoot over Bonnie, we have the same weather here. It sux. Period.

  19. It's been very chilly here too! You look very warm in there!

  20. YIKES! An we thought it was cold here cause SOMETIMES the ponds get covered with weerd hard water (so we cant drink outta them).

    Stay warm!

  21. Wow! That is some cold weather! We've been enjoying the pictures on your blog. You look like some fun cats! (That even a bunny could enjoy visiting!)

  22. Hey Bonnie,
    I tagged you. Come see.
    Your friend,
    Tommy (Shilgiah's brother)

  23. Ooooh...you look warm and cozy. Stay warm and make your bean love on you all day and all night long!
    Very truly yours,
    The Whiskers & Purrs Gang

  24. Yipes, stay under the warn fuzzy blankets and make sure your toesies stay toastie.

  25. Brrrrr. Stay warm and cozy.

    jans funny farm

  26. Burrrrr!!! We would freeze! If it gets below 50 we are inside under the covers! Victor you were right it was Boy an we will email him and tell him about the calender! The contest was open to everyone so your guess was great! I was just about to leave another hint! It would have been-This boy is a genius!!! (hehehehe) Thanks for playing!!
    Samantha & The Tuxedo Gang