Saturday, January 19, 2008

Finicky Female Feline!

Bonnie: You expect me to eat that?
Victor: Nom nom nom
"You expect me to eat that?"
(Bonnie scorns the food while Victor digs in... Bonnie doesn't like canned food.)

I'd rather eat treats.

Nom nom nom
"I'd rather eat treats"

(slurp) No, really, you should try this!
Absolutely not! I have standards!
"No, really, you should try this!"

More for me!
You'll regret this later... I'm sure of it.
"You'll regret it later"
(Certain she's being poisoned, Bonnie has Victor eat first, then checks his health)

Nom nom nom
I'm moving over here... just in case.
"I'm sitting over here"
(Poor Bonnie... she's unhappy with the food, embarrassed she was so tolerant of Victor, AND giving Mom the fuzzy (cold) shoulder.)

Poor Bonnie! We're trying to give her Glucosamine for cats, but she doesn't like the food we add it to! She only likes food that goes CRUNCH. And Victor? He'll happily eat almost any canned food, Bonnie's share as well as his own, and the meds won't do him any harm. But he's... gained a little weight.

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  1. Bonnie, hold out for Glucosamine in Crunchies!

  2. In my cat family only Pookie eats "crunchies" she doesn't like can food while the other four only eat can food and don't like dry food. I really don't know why.

  3. I agree with Bonnie, crunchie food is the only way, unless it's fresh tuna of course but that's only on really special occasions like when the humans are having a BBQ and give me some of theirs. FAZ

  4. My big sis Kali gets her geezer medicine in a pill pocket. She absolutely loves those things and she scarfs down the capsule without ever knowing what she's eaten. She moves around so much better since being on the medicine. Good luck.

  5. Bonnie does have her standards. Good luck with getting her to take her meds - maybe she would like Pill Pockets??

  6. It's reely hard to like canned food once you have a sweet tooth for crunchies. Maybe tuna mixed in will make her like it?

  7. bonnie, i don't like sticky goodness much myself

  8. I don'ts like stuff in my food other than food BUT did your moms try to put some sort of vitamin instead in to the food?

  9. Victor, you one lucky cat. I wish the other cats around here didn't want to eat!

  10. Those are some really cute bowls you two have. I eat canned food and crunchies, but I prefer the crunchies.

  11. LC holds back too. When our food bowls are set down, she watches me eat fer a coupla minutes to make sure it is OK. Even when it is something shes been purrfectly happy to eat many times before.


  12. Maybe your Mom could try to hide it in tuna?

  13. nom nom nom, I love wet food. Bonnie, I will eat your food!

  14. Humans are always trying to make us eat healthy...but they don't always! sheesh

  15. We like crunchies which we have furr brekkfust and wet food which we haf furr supper, but if anyfing is put in it, we won't touch it.

  16. Hmm...interesting. I LOVE wet foods. What if you mixed dry in with wet? Would it crunch enough? Though treats are the best.


  17. Dearest Bonnie,
    We unnerstand your disdain for stinky wet food...some of us don't eat it either. Maybe your mommy should try givin' you your medicine in Pill Pockets. Even the kids in our house that don't like stinky wet food likes pill ain't cruncy but it's so very tastey!
    Very truly yours,
    The Whiskers & Purrs Gang

  18. Hi Bonnie and Victor! I've missed visiting you guys. I'm with Victor on liking the wet food, but Phoebe doesn't care for it much. She sticks to the crunchies.

  19. As promised the other day I'z created a new meme as I'd already dotted that award you'z gaved me. Please drop by and have a look and see what kitties I'z passed it along to...


  20. Ariel loves crunchies yet on can food all she does is lick it.

  21. Unfortunately we don't have much advice on taking stinky meds, so far we have been lucky in that area. And given how DeeDee looks, she isn't picky on stinky goodness or crunchies. She does love to hoover up those crunchies.

  22. I don't like crunchies but will tolerate them if canned food is not available. Victor is a good eater.

    Hey, BTW, Victor, were you Mystery at the Cheerleading Academy? I guessed Lucy but Sassy wouldn't tell.