Monday, September 10, 2007

Mancat Burglar Monday

I know where the treats are!
Cat Burglar (photo series)
And I can open the cupboard myself.

Ah ha! Got it!
Ah ha! Got it!

How do I open it?
Now, how do I open it?

Why Can't I Open It?
Why can't I open this? Moooom!

Open it pleeeeeeze?

A Little Help Would Be Nice
Just put down the camera and help, that's all I ask!

Oh, Fine Then
Oh, fine then. If you're going to be that way, I'm giving you the fuzzy shoulder.

Victor, you just had some 10 minutes ago.


  1. I wish I knew how to open the pantry door where the treats are kept! That is a good skill. Victor, I think you are right to give the furry shoulder.

  2. Ten minutes is a very, very long time!

    ~ Timothy

  3. Nice job Victor! I am very impressed with your ability to open the cupboad door! Too bad you can't open the Temptation bag my yourself yet.

  4. 10 minutes ago? doesn't she know that's like 8 days in cat time?

  5. Victor! Super great job getting the cupboard door open! Maybe your mom will forget to seal the bag one day and you can get them I did last week! MOL~


  6. Conner: I wish! A cat could STARVE waitin fur treats round here.

  7. Whoa, we need you over here Victor. We have Gree to chew the bag open (she's good at that) but we haven't figured how to get the cupboard open. You should come be part of the Treats Team. Oh hmmms you might miss your fambly though. Well, you could be on special assignment with the Treats Team sometimes.
    Oh, and turning off the lights to save to get toys is probably not a good plan. It makes the beans cranky.
    your bud Pepi

  8. oooh - grate job! k, heer's whut i do...furrst put the bitey on the bag lotsa lotsa times till there's lotsa lotsa holes innit. then call Grr. Grr picks up the bag in her teef where i put the biteys on it an shakes her hed back an forf lots. the biteys join inta big rips an then we toss it 'round wif owr paws till the Temptations fall owt. then Midnight comes ta join us wif the eatin'. do ya need me ta send Grr?

  9. We could open the door, too, so Mom put them in a plastic container now. Drats! The secret to opening the Temptation bag is to bite through the package with your teeth and then rip it open more with your claws! (Don't tell your Mom we told you this!)
    Your FL furiends,

  10. Yeah, your tail is too cute, Meowmy would cave really fast.


  11. Wow, you are very clever to go treat hunting like that, Victor. Your momma definitely should have opened that bag.
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  12. Momma saw that first picture and wondered why there was a picture of me on your bloggie. hee hee Good job on getting in the cupboard. Isn't that the best? If you just chew and chew on the package (but you have to be really quiet), sometimes tasty stuff just falls out.


  13. I would choose to chew on your adorable tail over Temptations any day, Victor.
    (Well, not really, but it is such a romantic thing to say, don't you think?)
    Gotta run. Annie is stalking me as I type thiiiiiiiiisssssss.
    (Sadie just ran under her couch. ML finishing her comment up for her.)

    OH! Victor! Last night (or the one before?) Sadie was reading your very first posts and unless she missed a few in between, can it be possible you went all this time in the Cat Blog Sphere with NO girlfriend? You waited all this time for HER!? She is very special, and worth waiting for, certainly, but that really flattered her. She's been a bit full of her floofy self ever since!(Which is hard to pull off when you are also trying to make yourself very small so the mini house panther will not see you.)

  14. Oh Victor, my brother Jake knows how to open the bags of Temptations. You'd make a great team, cuz Mom hid ours inside freezer Ziplock bags and put them inside the top cupboard which we can't open. If you could steal the bag, Jake, will open them for you. Except once Jake gets an open bag he growls and doesn't share at all. You'd be better off learning how to open them yourselves. You just have to bight and tear over and over again. The plastic will give way. We promise.

  15. Yes, and the angry tipped up tail too.

    Purrrs, Princess

  16. But the bitey on it and break the bag open.

  17. Yoor mom shood open da bag fur yoo! Oh, and mom was looking at yoor back wif her hed tipped to da side and sed to us dat yoo had a kittie on yoor back. We laffed at her until she traced looks like a kitty in da meatloaf pozition wif it's right paw stuck out and yoor tail is it's tail too! Yeah, mom's weerd.

  18. Yep - if y ou werked that hard to git da treats yerself, then yer momma should go da extra mile and open da bag!

  19. You should have certainly got some extras! Kavan got down the Temptation bag from the counter once, and neither of us could figure out how to open it. Dang...

  20. Hmphhh ten minnits? The last time I had treats wuz the day befurr I had my teefs ripped out. I'm still not allowed to haf any crunchies furr three more days.
    Good werk gitting the door open, but yoo should haf got eggstra treats.

  21. Victor, your tail looks like a candy cane! We love it!

    Laila and Lilly

  22. Victor old pal, old friend, old buddy. Would you mind if I stopped over for a treat?


  23. That's hilarious! We luf the fuzzy shoulder!

    Luf, Us