Thursday, August 23, 2007


Our real live, hand made DKM snuggles came today! Bonnie was gettin worried cuz they shoulda been here Monday. I wasn't worried, no way, uh-uh. Wul, maybe a little. Mom took lotsa pictors, so we had her made them into a show. As you can see, we enjoyed the wonderous nip tucked into each snuggle an the squiggles, too! Mom made sure I didn't pounce Bonnie or try to take her snuggle or nip. Would I do somefing like that? We gotted silly - so silly that in the last pictor, Bonnie got on top of a box and was PLAYIN! Mom was wigglin an Aunt Ena by Bonnie an she played wif it. Bonnie hardly efur plays any more.

Fank you soooooo much Fiona, Orlando, Sophia, an acourse, DKM!

Pee Ess: Our boy camed in an said, "Those are beautiful! Hand made? Then each one is unique!"
Pee Pee Ess: Purrs an nosekisses to my sweet Sadie Badie!


  1. BINKIES! I'm glad they finally got there! Have fun kids.

  2. Those are very beautiful snuggles! They look really cozy. I am bidding on one at the cat blogosphere - I hope I bid the highest!

  3. Aren't those snuggles and squiggles the best??? I just loved mine!

    Bonnie, I know how you feel...Kavan broke a crytal bowl and a glass while mom has been gone.

    We've been reading about the bad weather...I hope the two of you are OK.


  4. Your snuggles are beautiful. :) They look very cozy. Squiggles are so much fun to play with. :) That 'nip looks wonderful too!

  5. Good warm snuggles, squiggles and fresh catnip -- wow what could be better?


  6. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us - we can see how pretty the squiggles and snuggles are and how much you like them!

  7. Hello Victor, thanks for your support. Emma told me about Luna's story and I read it and of course I cried. Anastasia must be stuck somehow because she is an outdoor cat (we are in only at night) and I know she wouldn't run away from here, we have it too good!
    I and the staff try hard to keep the hope up and pray for her!
    Thank you! Karl

  8. Oh your purple one is bootiful! I love the purple!

  9. I don't have any snuggles, but I do have squigglies. They are great fun!

  10. I *heart* mine too!
    You can really feel that they are made with love.

  11. That nip is the best! I've actually been playful myself lately Bonnie. Sometimes the mood just strikes me.


  12. We love our snuggles too! Wasn't the catnip a great surprise!

  13. KC said...
    Wow, Bonnie & Victor, ur's snuggles are beeyouteefull, too. DKM not only be talented but furry furry busy.
    My favorite part was the wonnerful bun smells on tha snuggles. i'd love to meet a bun like Fiona.
    Purrs, KC

  14. Oh wow! Those are beautiful, and they look super snuggly, too. Way to let your ears down, Bonnie!
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  15. That were really good snuggles!!!

  16. Wow! They look so fun! I think Bombay and Bangles would love snuggles too, altho I'm not sure if the weather in Singapore is too warm for snuggly blankies...

    ~The Flyer

  17. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeelllll!

    Oh Victor,
    I am passed out in a floofy heap on top of my scratch post/surveillance tower. (Really! ML wishes her camera could catch me in such low light to prove it. You'd love to see me this way!)

    I just finally got here. What a day it's been. What a week it's been!
    TGIF, I would say, except for YOU KNOW WHO is still here!

    But what floofy, orange-toed girl cat can possibly bear such a massive, mega-dose of your cuteness in one sitting without swooning? Not I, Sir.
    The Unbearable Cuteness of Victor.
    (Who was the chick?)

    Your Swoony Sadie Badie
    In need of the vapors

  18. Hi. We iz happy to meet some more nice catz on da blog high-way. We tinks you guyz must be havin some fun. Saw da pics of dat big knock-over mess. Iris & ddelilah did dat wit momees an-teek chair da other da. But yourz iz most speck-tack-uller. We did not have yarn in our mess.

  19. Oh wow, yu got snuggles, squiggles and NIP! What fun!

  20. those are great pictures!

    Victor, we specially love the one of you upside down. You was nipped!

  21. We were so happy when we saw all the pictures of you two having such fun with the new snuggles. And catnip too! What a wonderful world!

    Purrrrrs, China Cat & Willow

  22. Ohhhhhhhhh CatNips! Such pretty Snuggles. Wow, Bonnie Playing. We are impressed! hehehe...

    sending hugs and purrs and

    Zed says to Victor... I still can't spin. I can't even jump right yet! But I am practing!


  23. Beautiful slide show and the snuggles and squiggles are the best thing since catnip!! Wow, one of a kind! How cool is that!
    Your FL furiends,