Thursday, August 02, 2007


Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie!
What... what... what?
We gots email! Impawtant email!
Victor, I told you before, we have NOT won the lottery, that widow in Algeria is not looking for us, and we don't need a more-gage, whatever it is.
No, Bonnie, it's not spam, it's Mom.
... and Dad.
Let me see.
No. I's readin it. Hmmm... it says they lefted De-troyt but got stuck in terrific. Terrific?
Traffic, stoopid.
What's that?
That's when the monsters with wheels all go to the same place at the same time and hold the beans captive. It happens most days in the morning and afternoon. But it was late night. Why was there traffic?
Um, don't know... Oh, Mom says a truck was fired an all the cars was stopped fur... many naps! Amost 2 HOURS of naps afore the monsters agreed to moof again.
The truck was fired? No, the truck had a fire.
Ok, so anywho, they were furry late for their rain, but it waited. I didn't know rain could wait!
No, Victor, not rain. The TRAIN. You know, when they take a bunch of long metal monsters and hook them all together and make them roll together on a track. Like my man's toys downstairs. The ones your SUPPOSED to stay OUT of?
You promised not to tell! But... how'd the beans get small enuf to fit into one of Dad's trains?
::sigh:: My man's trains are toys. The real thing is bigger. Like the boy's toy monsters are small versions of our beans' monsters with wheels.
... ooooooooohhhhhh... That makes more sense. Ok, so when the rain putted out the truck fire, the terrific let our beans go. But they still wented more far away instead of comin home!
Something like that. Yes, since they aren't in De-troyt and they aren't here, they must be... wait for it... SOMEWHERE ELSE!
Wul, duh!
Does it say where they are? Here, let me read that. You do it wrong.
Hmmm... truck, traffic, train, some funny letters... Dee See. The train almost lost their bags, so they stayed the night in Dee See, then took a faster train to... Bean Town?
Bean town? Sounds like a place fur many beans to go.
Yes, Bean Town, home of the Red Sox.
Red socks? Mom don't got any red socks. Not Dad, eifur.
You should know, laundry-breath.
Stoopid Cowcat!
Crabby Tabby!
What else does it say?
Hmm. Bean town, lots of history, blah blah harbor cruise, blah blah. Oh! Here's something! They ate some really good fish!
Fish? ::spin:: I like fish! Will they share? ::spin::
I... don't think so. Ok, here's the important part. My man... and that woman... will be going on another train soon to bring them home.
::spin:: YEAH! Mom an Dad are comin home! ::spin:: an they're bringing fish and rain! ::spin:: An maybe I get to play wif red socks! ::spin::
That's the whole note, Victor. Now, go over there.
Where over there?
Anywhere, as long as it's away from me!
But Bonnie!
No buts, Victor!
I said, NO BUTS!
The what?
The bideo. Mom said she founded a bideo fur us to post.
What bideo? I don't remember any bid... I mean VIDeo.
Ok, ok, calm down. Don't get your tail in a kink. We'll post the video.
An don't furget the ofur fing.
What other thing? I'm not forgetting anything.
Yes you are! We haf to wish them a happy gotcha day.
Gotcha day? It's not our gotcha day.
No, silly, theirs. The day they got each ofur.
Oh, that gotchaday. It's their anniversary. The day they got married, 15 years ago.
Yea, that gotchaday. Wow, 15 years? That's older than the boy.
Yes, it is.
That's efur older than YOU, Bonnie!
::whap::And that reminds me... keep your tail to yourself.
For our beans' 15th Anniversary, here's a video of us almost getting along. Whatever normal is, we'll be returning to it next week.


  1. I hope your beans are having a good time. I liked your video, it seems you guys are behaving very well whilst they are gone.

  2. Are you kidding? That brat was BEATING me with his TAIL! I had to move to get away from it. I held my temper... just.

  3. That was a very funny video! It reminds us of Willie and Leah "playing ball" sorta.
    Happy Happy Gotchaversary to your persons! That's quite an accomplishment, since we know how YOUNG your Mom is!
    The only creature Mosaic Lady has ever been able to live with that long is US.
    I guess that makes us "lucky"????

  4. I'm wif yoo Bonnie, boys are just plain dumb!~Zippy
    Happy Annie Versaree to yoor beans. Mom and dad's 33rd happens this year, we hope dey don't go away...

  5. happy annifurrsary to your beans!! 15 years wow!! concatulations!!

  6. Happy 15th to your humans!

  7. I hope you get lots of toys and treats when your mom and dad finally make it home, especially since you're making such an effort to get along!

  8. Happy Anniversary to your Mom and Dad!

    I hope they're coming home soon. I liked your video. It looks like you guys were getting along really good.


  9. Wow, you guys are funny. Bonnie, you sound very smart and Victor you sound very excited to see your mom and dad. I hope they get home real soon.

  10. too bad you could not come with them to beantown... we are in salem!

  11. It is really nice when they actually email and let us know they are still alive... The video was very sweet. Nice to see good behavior.

    Happy Anniversary Gotcha day to your mom and dad

    Purrrrr, Princess

  12. I hope your beans get home safe and sound, and MomBean says 'Happy Anniversary!"

  13. Good fing the terrific didn't keep yore beans too long!
    HAPPY GOTCHA DAY to yore beans!
    Grate bideo too :)
    Sanjee, Boni Maroni, Mini, Gree and Pepi

  14. Happy Anniversary to your beans. That video is a very nice present for them. Bonnie, you are very patient with Victor. I never had a brother before. It seems kind of fun.

  15. Happy Anniversary to your Mom and Dad. I like that video. You were getting along fine until Victor started twitching his tail. It sounds like your beans are having a wonderful time. I'm glad they are coming home soon, though, because you must miss them lots.

  16. Happy anniversary to your Mom and Dad! You both look very cute...

  17. Happy Anniversary to your Mom and Dad!! We almost thought you were going to get along!! You two are cute!
    Your FL furiends,

  18. That was a very nice video of you two!

    Happy anniversary to your mom & dad!

  19. It sounds like your beans are having fun. Too bad they didn't take you with them. You must miss them.

  20. Wow! Beans have gotcha day too! That's cool! I hope they get home weawwy soon. How can they cewebwate their gotcha day pwoperwy without you guys?

  21. Well, Happy Gotchaday to your mom and dad! That was a very good video of you two there.

  22. Nice movie guys,
    Bet your beans are pleased to see you sitting together. At least no paws and claws were involved.

    Poppy Q

  23. Happy Gotcha Day to your Mom and Dad! Wow, sounds like they are having quite the trip! I hope they hurry home to you soon.


  24. WOW! Nanna-versaries and monsters, fired trucks, fish!!!!
    We can just see you doing your spinning Victor! Coming home!!! YAY1
    Our mom doesn't have red socks but she has ladybug socks.

  25. I Dare You...!
    Come on over and check it out.

  26. Fantastic views! I like your cat tree and happy anniversary to your beans. It´s beautiful celebrate the love.


  27. By the pictures you posted you look like you are get along real well. But you sounded like my Mom and Dad sometimes by bickering back and forth. They don't do it all the time but it is fun to listen to them. Guess I'm like Victor in a way cause I like to beat everyone with my tail too. Mom likes it. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOUR MOM AND DAD.


  28. Ha! :0) That video was just sooo funny! I can't believe bonnie got up because he was simply gently touching (NOT beating!!) her with his tail! :D

    Cats are so funny. He knew it was annoying her too! :))

  29. Oh Bonnie you almost let yurself haf a good time wif Victor. Schmaybe someday soon.

  30. I really like that video!

  31. victor, if you need a place where you'll have some kitties who are glad to see you, feel free to teleport on over!

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