Saturday, May 26, 2007

Favorites Meme

Marie the Defender tagged me fur this meme, so here goes!

Time of Day
: Groomin time! I just lurve my Zoom Groom; I beg to be groomed an shed extra for it an roll an purr an puff out the base of my tail an try to eat the fur that flies off. Is that weird?

Day of the week: Anytime Mom stays home insteada goin out huntin.

Season of the year: Right now, when it's sunny an warm but not too warm an there are lotsa busy birds an squirrels to watch.

Holiday: Any that means new boxes an tissue to play in!

Beaches: Wul, Mom an Dad growed up in Manhattan Beach, but that's in Catifornia which is furry far away.

Song: Jasper Tabby Kitty Cat-y from Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers - But Mom sings it Victor Tabby Kitty Cat-y.

Flower: CATNIP - duh.

Talk show: I luv watchin Bonnie demandin treats frum Mom; she says "Nooooooow!" an talks up a storm. I don't fink Mom knows what Bonnie's callin her.

Movie: Any wif aminals movin big on screen; I chase Meercat Manor.

Soaps: Ick. Bubbles mite be fun to chase, tho.

Beverage: Water frum the tap or fountain.

Fruit: Catnip nana!

Snack: Temp-tay-shuns - duh!

Food: Temp-tay-shuns! Oh, wait, that's treats? Ok. Um, whatefur the beans is havin like meat or tortilla chips.

Restaurant: Wherefur you go, bring me sum leftofur meat.

Oh, I's apposed to tag sum furiends! Ok!
Piperina Princess
Bombay & Bangles
Pandora & Charlie (but they's takin a break so mite not)

Pee Ess: How'd you all know I was hidin unner that basket?
A Cuppa Cat


  1. Hi Victor. You are good at hiding. I think you are a little weird to like grooming time.

    Phoebe and I are back from our vacation. It was lovely and relaxing. Now we are back and have our household responsibilities to take care of...

  2. Oh...that was a basket? Hehe! ;)

    I love your meme!! You and I are similar, I asked if my big sis Casey was a talk show, MOL!

    Thank you for sharing your meme, it was fun!

  3. Oh Victor, we din't know yoo wuz hiding der. Mom sed yoo prolly wuz but we din't know fersher.

  4. Great answers...I tagged you for a meme started by Marilyn called kitty confessions please go to my blog to see.

  5. Hahaha - you look furry colorful in that basket (colorful is da Photo Hunt theme today!) - We is still getting used to d zoom groom...da jury is still out...

  6. Hi Bonnie & Victor! Gosh, we've missed visiting you! We've been so busy with our human's daughter visiting from Italy we haven't had time to drop by. But we're back now!

    & everybody at Artsy Catsy

  7. I don't know how anyone could tell you were under that basket. Maybe it was a psykik moment for them? Thanks for joining us at WCB #103.
    Boni Maroni

  8. oh just found out that we share one favourite: I love this song too.
    Mommy plays th CD a lot...
    Heres our meme