Sunday, May 20, 2007

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Originally uploaded by Bonnie & Victor Cats.
Bonnie's improving - she knows Victor is there, but is focused on the photographer.

Victor was dangling a paw, considering petting Bonnie. Do other cats do this? Sometimes he reminds me of a person trying to sooth her by stroking her, but she won't tolerate it. "NO TOUCHY!"

Hugs and Purrs!


  1. Oh, Bonnie, you are trying very hard! What a great catmodel you are.

    Sometimes I try to put my paw on Pixie, but just to poke at her and see what she does. She does not like it.

  2. Must be a mancat thing. Speedy pets Sadie, da foster cats and all da kittens. He's tried to pet Zippy but she just growls and runs away, leaving Speedy wif a confoosed and sad look. He reely tries to love effuryone and effurything.

  3. Oh Bonnie, I'm taking lessons from you! I think I'm getting a little brother in a few weeks....haven't decided yet how I'm going to like it.

  4. Bonnie, Tigger and I had that same trouble. Now we play together and rough house all the time. He'll come around, just be patient.
    Have a happy Sunday.
    Samantha & Tigger

  5. I'm glad you two are getting along!

  6. The furballs try to do that to me. I don't like. They seem to like doing it to each other and the beans though.

  7. Mittens has been no touchy to me for 6 years now! She still growls at me, and she had a real hissy fit this morning before daylight cuz I got to close and Momma yelled at ME!!! She nefur yells at her!


  8. I'm glad that Bonnie is becoming more tolerant of Victor. I think maybe he is trying to soothe her and show that he means well.

  9. It's progress! You just have to give it time. You both look great!

  10. Bonnie

    I always give the paw when I am sitting up top and looking down on my siblings. They don't always appreciate it though.

  11. Wow, that is very impressive! I like to touch people and cats with my paw. I'm proud of you Bonnie!


  12. Victor, you is so sweet to keep on trying wif Bonnie. And Bonnie, you is so sweet to grow more tolerant of Victor. I fink it WILL happen when both of you purrlay and cuddle up together.


  13. i wanna touch Grr wif my paw but then Grr swats me an course i gotta swat her back, but if she's sleepin' an duzzn't notiss me i put my paw on her.

    I have to tap every kitty and every human with my paw, if they pass me. I'll just sit in one spot and tap once as they go by. I don't even use claws.

    I don't touch anyone on purpose, and they'd better not touch me without an invitation.

  14. I had to wait the longest time before Casey would let me touch her....respected her space and everything. Now she will groom me and even let me sleep with her. Victor, don't worry, Bonnie will surely come around one day!

    Victor, I tagged you for the favourites meme, come to my blog for details!

  15. yay for Bonnie. Tolerance is a good fing.

  16. Apart from old fella Orb, we always puts our paws on each other which usually leads to a game of 'big fierce cat coming to get you' unless we ares lying by the fire & we can't be bothered.
    nice photo !!!!!

  17. That picture is really cute. Earl Grey tries to put his paw on Titus, but it's more of a swat. Titus ignores it for the most part, but sometimes he gets mad.


  18. How adorable.
    Prinnie and I are good buddies, more so now that we are older

  19. Yup. We poke each offur to see if weze still alife. An also to git a rize owt of sumbuddy. It werks.

    Luf, us