Thursday, January 11, 2007

Blogging is like...

King of the Stack 2
I just thot of sumfing. Blogging is like catnip fur Moms (and a few speshul Dads).
  • It's a harmless way to really enjoy yurself an find yur inner kitten fur a little while.
  • Too much too often, an it doesn't werk as well.
  • It's cheap an doesn't haf to take too long.
  • You can do it any time it's available.
Whatdya fink of that? I fink I's gonna stare 0ut the window an ponder this fur awhile.
Pillow Pile
Oh! Was that a bird?
Over there! Chirpmonk!
Now, what was I finkin bout?

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  1. whoa. we hadded no idea 'bout yur in-tell-eck-shoe-ul side. that wuz furry well thot out an...chirpmunk? where?

  2. Victor, you are very, very smart!

  3. I think that's a fine fine thought. Something to ponder as you enjoy looking out the window.

  4. Wow, yoos a deep finker Victor. I'd like to hear some of yoor thots on offer stuff. Like...Um, well, oh, um, neffur mind.~Speedy

  5. We thinks you had an eepifony!

  6. What wonderful insight, Victor. You're right, you know. Our Mom must have her "kitty fix" every few days.

  7. That's a great comparison! You are a very intelligent cat!

  8. Mommy loves blogging cause we've made so many great friends.

  9. Catnip for the beans? Way too deep Victor.

  10. Hey Victor, I included you in Weekend Cat Blogging