Friday, September 08, 2006

My Summer Bay-Kay-Shun Part 2

So, I guess I sorta snuck along wif my fambly on their trip to Collar-ado. I don't need a new collar, but I found lotsa ofur fun fings to do. Bonnie stayed home an missed all the fun.

The first fing to know bout Collar-ado is, it's not in Whiskonsin. Ok, and then, it's got lotsa big mountains. Really big mountains. BIG mountains covered wif rocks an the tallest efun haf snow. In August! There are big trees an little trees an areas wif no trees or grass at all. There are also places where the bushes get reely thick so it's hard to get thru them.
Colorado Mountains

Anofur fing bout Collar-ado is, it has lotsa histerical railroad stuff. You know, trains frum a long time ago. The first day, we went to a you-see-um wif lotsa trains. While I was lookin round, I saw a bunny an three gooses.

This is the bunny. Mmmmmm. We had a nice chase.
The CRM bunnyPhoto credit: Sean Lamb

This is one of the gooses. I don't fink it's the right kind to get fev-vers from (sorry, Grr).
RGS Photo credit: Ryan Lamb
(Dat's my boy lookin at the goose) Then it got hot an rained an we traveled in a 4-wheel monster fur many naps. We slept that nite in a room that smelled totally diffrent, but looked zactly like the first, wif two beds. When we first went in, Mom opened the curtains an gasped... there was a squirrel right outside the window, on the 3rd floor walkway, starin in at her! It ran as soon as it sawed us.


  1. wow, cool baykshun - hills covered wif rocks and snow in august, gooses, and peeping squirrels. awsome.

  2. what kinda goose is dat wif no fev-vers? didja catch the bunny? didja see an Vishus Deer? it all sounds furry 'citing!

    our Lady's been ta Collar-ado an says it's lovely. she was there on account of following drum corps 'round. sum big thing called "Drums Along the Rockies". we fink she wants ta hang wif you guys.

  3. Oh, that sounds like a lovely bay-k-sun. We have never been to Collar-ado.

  4. If we'd have know you were comin' to Collar-ado...we woulda come to see you!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful bay ka shun.


  6. Momma went to Denver in Jooly fur her Beauty and the Beast con-ven-shun. She saw vishus deers! She rode a train to the top of Pike's Peak which iz furry, furry high.


  7. I finks you're right that those aren't the right kindsa gooses to get fev-vers from.

    ~~ Sanjee

  8. Collar-ado looks like a lot of fun. Those sure am big Gooses!

  9. Seems like yoo had a great baykayshun. We's nefurr seen goosies like that afore. We's got Canada goosies lives in the river by us, but we don't live in Canada, so why do the goosies live by us?

  10. A bunny, a goose and a squirrel... THAT'S QUITE AN ADVENTURE, Victor!

    Oh Bonnie, were you lonesome hafing been left all alone at home? If I had known earlier, I wud haf teleported, purrtected you and kept you company all those days.