Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Feline Hydrology Course Announcement

This fall, Professor Victor E. Tabbycat will be presenting Hydrology 161b: Faucet, Cup and Drain - How a plastic cup changes the dynamics of water in the bathroom sink. This is the second course in the Bathroom Hydrology for Felines series. Lectures and demonstrations will be held in the small bathroom upstairs. Space is limited. Mandatory labs will be led by the T.A. Students will be graded on attendance, participation, and observations. The final exam will be cumulative and worth one-third of your final grade.

Prerequisites include Hydrology 161a: Faucet to Drain - The dynamics of running, dripping and standing water in the bathroom sink, and the Hydrology 160 series, Basic Hydrology for Cats. Note: advanced students may study cups in other types of sinks for extra credit with prior approval from the professor.

Office hours will be Mancat Mondays and Wordless Wednesdays between second breakfast and mid-morning nap, depending on sunshine. Additional study groups can arrange to meet on Furry Fridays and Caturdays at o'dark thirty.

Prof. Tabbycat earned his Masters in Feline Hydrology under the tutelage of the late Bonnie Underfoot, PhD and has more than 5 years experience with water in sinks, bathtubs, bowls and fountains. Nina Torbie will be the T.A. for this course. Ms. Torbie has been studying with Prof. Tabbycat for over 2 years, specializing in fountains and bathroom sinks.

Professor Victor E. Tabbycat

Ninafur Torbie

The following pictures show your hydrology teachers working in the lab.

Weeks 1 & 2: Selecting and positioning your cup:

Weeks 3 & 4: Observations and discussion:

Weeks 5 & 6: Presenting our results:

Enrollment forms are available in the department office.


  1. Bathroom Hydrology is of great concern among my boys so they will definitely be attending!

    Casper is preparing his thesis on the socioeconomic impact of kitchen water fountains versus traditional bathroom accessories so this course will be particularly important to him!!!

  2. This looks like an excellent course. Where do I sign up?

  3. Sounds like a great course!
    We'll start practicing how we can lift the cups with our paws...

  4. I won't be able to take this course - I failed Basic Hydrology! I'm afraid it's just not where my strengths lie. In fact, I have to confess to a certain amount of hydrophobia that actually keeps me from getting anywhere near the lab!

  5. Buddy, Zorro, Possum and Pansy would enroll but they would ace it. We all think it is a great thing you are doing for the good of all. (And Buddy has too much napping time scheduled to participate anyhow).


  6. What a marvellous course. I would love to take it, I have some basic skills in Rain Bucket Hydrology and Gerry has advanced practical experience in the bath. Oliver considers water to be pointless, so he'd be a bad student.

    Love the pictures of the course. You are both very commanding!

    Whicky Wuudler

  7. I hope the class isn't all filled up yet. I cannot wait for the course to begin!

  8. is it too late for us to join? Billy is almost at professor level with hydrology in the tub and at the side of the tub with plastic cups.

  9. nitro is a little water-shy, so this will be a good thing for him. he barely managed to pass 161-a. please be kind to him.

    igmu, on the other hand, is quite advanced in hydrology. don't be afurraid to shut him down if he gets outta hand, debating and commenting.

    edmund sez: "water. bah." so he will not be attending. and xing . . . well, xing is xing. unless you have a computer course she can follow from her room, she won't be there, either.

  10. Oh we have some kitties at our house who would love to sign up - and some others who need a little more basic course right now. We think this sounds like such an interesting and informative class - we hope we can get in!

  11. Hmmm, we haven't taken Basic Hydrology yet. Is that being offered this semester?

  12. Will you be offering a remedial course anytime soon? Sweet Pea simply sits in the sink and lets the water dribble all over her head.

  13. We think we'll stay with testing for water with ourfeets, and occasional drinking with the aid of our paw.

  14. Zippy is already studying fur her pee H dee...Speedy has shown marked improvement in his water courses and a good grasp of basic and advanced beverage slurpage. Sadie feels the need for a refresher before undertaking anything more advanced.

  15. We'd fail too, for the same reasons as Sparkle!

  16. Obi, Annie, and Smokey will be attending!!! They luf water in the bathroom sink to drink!

    Luf, Us

  17. Will there be a section on catchin the bubbles in the water bubbler? I am especially innerested in that...


  18. We would both like to attend this course as we are very interested in hydrology. In fact I have been experimenting with our new drinking fountain to see how much water needs to be scraped out of it to flood the kitchen floor.