Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Tabby Tail for Tuesday

Oh, hello! Have you noticed the weather getting cooler? What about the sun coming up later? I have! The trees outside are changing colors, too. It's especially nice to snuggle into the blankets between Mom and Dad at night. I've also decided I can be a nicer wake-up call than that noisy alarm clock, so before it gets noisy, I walk all over Mom and Dad, purring my loudest. Mom gives me skritches for being such a good alarm.

Well, the cooler weather hasn't reduced our energy levels, not one bit. In fact, I think Victor has more energy than ever! He races around like a maniac a couple of times a day and still has energy for THOE*.

But Victor can be a bit... clumsy sometimes. He gets excited and goofy and sometimes even loses some dignity! I try to maintain my dignity at all times**. Well, the other day, I was helping Mom relax on the bed. Victor came along, jumped onto the bed next to me, and started teasing me to come play. He nudged me and waved his tail around, so I stood up and started to stretch. I took one step toward Victor, and he leaped up and fell backwards off the bed! I was very surprised. I mean, I didn't even touch him, and there he went, ker-plop onto the floor. Mom laughed and laughed. I never won a game of chase/pounce/wrestling so easily before - I hope he's doesn't hold a grudge.

*THOE: Thundering Herd of Elephants... what Moms and Dads say we sound like when running through the house together at o-dark-thirty.
**Except when there's a red dot to chase, but... but... that's my DOT! It must be chased! I'll do almost anything to catch it!!


  1. We still have the hots here...we're all looking forward to when it cools down and we get to use the fireplace thingy!

  2. It's cool and wet here, pretty much like summer has been since the end of June.

  3. Poor Victor! Falling off must not have been too much fun. But at least you won the game!

    Scratching and scraping at Ham-Micks is just fine. Some of us do that on occasion. And we have our Millie Quilts on two of our Ham-Micks, and they get all smushed up. Maw straightens them out, and then we smush them up again!

    Luf, Us

  4. Haha!! We bet Victor was so embarrassed when he did that!! We've been acting really crazy lately too...mom says it's because it's cooler and the hots are gone.

  5. You are lucky it is starting to cool off where you are! Here in Southern California, we are having a heat wave, and we are trying to sleep through it!

  6. We are so loving this cooler weather--it means mama bakes yummy smelling things and has the windows open!

  7. My sympathy to Victor. I have "spatial" issues myself...


  8. Nina that is so funny! But tell Victor that we have had that kind of thing happen here too - it just is so exciting to play sometimes you don't notice how close to the edge you are!

  9. We enjoyed reading about your autumn antics! We don't go outside but we know it's fall cuz the windows are open, we be sniffin the airs and once in a while a leaf get inside our house and wow...we have fun with that!

  10. It's cooler here too. Oopsie at knocking him off the bed, BOL!

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