Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tabby Toes, Tummy and 'Tocks for Tock-Tober!

Say what?!
Oh, my dear furiends, I'm surprised that more of you didn't realize, I was merely yawning in that picture! Victor was not biting my butt... I mean 'tocks... for once. All I had to say was, "Mom, put the camera away and let us nap!" But it IS a funny picture, isn't it?

Today is quite a day! It is our good furiend Derby's purrthday! He has a thing about kitty 'tocks, I guess. He wants to see all our 'tocks during this lovely month of Tock-Tober. Boy-kitties have some strange ideas, but... Oh! If we show our 'tocks, Derby's mom will give green papers to the shelter he came from! As former shelter kitties, Victor and I are happy to "paw"ticipate!

'Tis 'Tocktober

Victor 'Tocks

Oh, well, I wasn't *really* sure about showing my 'tocks. I'd rather get close to Mom for more scritches. Then I arch my back and I'm too close for the flashy box! Heh, heh, that's my plan. But she tricked me into a picture even rarer than my 'tocks!

Is ok Nina, I borked Flickr so we can't show yur secrit stretch pictor rite now. Yur tummy is safe.{pst, click on da linky an you mite see hers tummy}


Tabbymom Jen here! While Flickr is buggie, we did THIS with Nina's tummy:
VOTE for Nina Torbie in The 5th Annual World’s Coolest Dog & Cat Show!


  1. Nina darling, your furs are a perfect match for the fall colors!

  2. Nice tocks! I bet Derby is loving this!!!

  3. Sure is a great shot of you yawning. Mom is has been unsuccessful in getting that clear of a picture of us yawning, it always looks blurry. Great job!

    Great tocks shots today too!! Mom was able to see the adorable belleh shot on facebook. Very kyoot!!

  4. Those are some great 'tocks you gots!!

  5. Holy cats, Nina -- we just saw your yawning picture and thought you'd seen a Halloween ghost!

    Love your tocks, too!

  6. Thanks for the purrthday wishes, the tock pictures and oh......where is the ice box. Nina's tummy!

  7. That picture is really funny!

  8. Those are great tocks. I hope Derby is having a purrfect day!

  9. That's really a nice picture, it looks as if you were angrily shouting at somebody, lol !

  10. Love the 'tocks and toes! That tummy picture made us feel relaxed.

    ~Whisker Tickles,
    Lizzie and Connor

  11. Ok those are all great pictures. But I love the yawning one - mainly because yawining pics can be so funny - we have one of Floyd that makes him look really evil - it is hilarious because he was only yawning. Your picture really does look like you are yelling!