Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mearrr Like a Pirate

Mearrrrrr! Ahoy, tis I, Villanious Victor Rackofham! Avast, ye landlubbers! Hand ofur da treasure or we'll make you walk da plank! ::spin::
Villainous Victor Rack-of-Ham

What tis THIS? Gold dabloons? I demand TREASURE!

Victor getting his Catnip High

Ah, that be more like it, matey! The last scurvy dog who laid a paw on me treasure, well, him went to Davey Jones' Locker.

An what mews of me first mate, Notorious Nina Redclaws? No bacteriarrrrrr can keep a good, er, bad pirate down fur long! We made port an found us a healer what noes the magic voodoo of Aunty Biotics. A drop of mojo in 'er ear twice a day an she'll be floggin yon lazy wenches again in no time atoll. Arrrr!


  1. Pepi: Arrrrrrrrr that be some grand treasure ye got there matey.

    Sanjee: HAM! *waves cutlass* gimme dat ham or i'll make yoo walk da plank!

    Alls Us: We's glad yoo found a good voodoo ducktor for Nina Redclaw! Yay! (We like dat name!)

  2. Ahoy Matey's! It be good that the voodoo man was able help Notorious Nina Redclaws. Goodness I do like that name.

  3. Arrrrrrrrrrrrr and Ahoy mateys! 'Twas a fine way t' spend the day!

    Zeke, Sushi & Tiger Lily

  4. Arrrr...tis a good thing Notorious Nina found a voodoo healer to help her! Now she can sail the seven seas!


    We tried gold doubloons and sparklies fer treasure our first Meow Like a Pirate day, but what use are they to a hearty piratical kitty!

    Now them hams be REAL treasure!

    ~One-Eyed Jack

    Catnip? Hammm? ::spinspinspin::


    ~Persephone the Pirate Queen

  6. Arrr yer a furroshus looking pirate fer sure.Tis good that the voodoo doctor will put Notorious Nina Redclaws ear to rights. Arrr

  7. You made a great pirate, Victor.....Happy Sunday

  8. we be purrrroud t'sail wif ye in search o'treasure, an' right glad that redclaws be healin'. us pirates be extra-piratey when not feelin' th' best!! we hopes ye suffered not;-)

  9. ARR! I be pleasin to our ears that Notorious Nina Redclaws be being better thanks to th' voodoo!

  10. Good ol' Aunty Biotics, to the rescue again!

  11. Arrrg! Hope you feel better.

  12. Wow! You look fierce, Victor!

    Stop by an' leave me a comment today 'cuz Eukanuba has given us five vouchers good for a free 4-pound bag of cat food an' you could win!


  13. Rats! We missed Pirate Day. It's Mama's favoritist day of the year. Nina, I hope your ear feels lots better soon.


  14. I love Victor & Nina !! They are so adorable & cute !!

    Although we don't have cats at home, I would always go around my neighbourhood to find my favourite cats hanging around & play with them !

    Would be taking more pics of my neighbourhood cats in Singapore !


  15. Arggh! We gotten treasure by treats of salmon, toona, and poultries. Aye, me hearties, cant get better than that!

  16. You certainly make a dashing swashbuckler, there, Victor! And we're glad that Nina is on the mend.

    Yes, of course, I'd love to LOL you both! I have some ahead of you, but it's a short list so far. So, I'll let you know when your LOLs will be posted. Thanks for allowing me the honour of LOLing you.

  17. ahoy! you are the picture purfect pirate Villanious Victor!

    Notorious Nina, have your mommy take some "Rescue Remedy" drops and rub it on your ears (from the health food store). I had a nasty ear infection years ago and the VET suggested this too. It is calming

    uh oh, what did your boy do? my little blurpy guy is enough trouble and he doesn't even move much.

  18. Hai! We wanted to tell you that there are more pictures and a short video up about the Fling-ama-String. Have a look!
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli