Monday, May 25, 2009

Hugs Weekend, etc.

It's hugs weekend, kinda in honor of Bonnie. That leafs us a little torn atween huggin all our furiends an amemberin Bonnie - she weren't big on hugs. I wouldn't want her to come back an whap me fur makin the wrong choice! So, hafin honored Bonnie wif all them pictors, here's hugs fur ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL our wonnerful Cat Blogosphere furiends!

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Did ICHC know it's hugs weekend? WOW!

Oh, Friday was also the day to honor a cat-mom who has gone above and beyond to save a cat's life.
Above an beyond what? Da ceilin? Did she go climbin on da roof?
Um, no, that's just a saying. She did more than most people would. 3 cheers for Gandalf & Grayson's Mom, Barb, for saving Whitey's life.

Caturday was anofur speshul occayshun. Missy & KC's momma ML Sherwood had her purrthday! Besides taking in KC when she was a dangerous feral kitten, she also took grate care of Dinah an her Mites AND da Tortie Momma an her kittens! She also keeps da Cat Blogosphere website updated daily an cares fur her hubby an her furiends an now Charlie Taylor the cat!
Oh, Victor, aren't we going to sing for ML?
I's gettin to that!
Hippo Birdie Two Ewes,
Hippo Birdie Two Ewes,
Hippo Birdie Deer ML,
Hippo Birdie Two Ewes!
... an many moooooooore!

Is dat efurryfing? I's ready fur a nap!
Oh, just one more thing. This is a bean holiday thing... with towels.
I like towels. They's soft an smell like beans. I fink I'll nap on one.
Oh, well, that works... do you know where your towel is?

Towel Day - Don't Panic


  1. Sending lots of headbumps & purrs to you in memory of Bonnie from all of us!

    Amber sez: I wuz squintin becuz of that flashy-thing!

    The gang sez: We had lurned to shut our eyes whenever Mom or Dad Bean hav dat flashy thing in hand!

  2. ((HUGS)) to you! Thank you so much for your kind words about Mom. :)

  3. Towel day? That is a new one to me? Hugs back at ya.

  4. Purrs and Headbonks to you.

    We're not sure about Towel Day!!

    Happy Memorial Day.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  5. Hugs to all of you, through a towel maybe?

  6. Do you know that when Georgia's Mom is supposed to meet Bonnie's Mom, they are scheduling thunderstorms. Do you suppose that's because they are both watching out for their people and those two cats shouldn't get too close?! :).

    Hugs back. (but don't tell anyone I participated--Chey)

  7. {{{{HUGS}}}} I also loved that graphic from ICHC. I know where my towel is. Happy Birthday to ML and Three Cheers for Barb.