Monday, April 06, 2009

Blogging Tabby Tuesday

Like I said afore, I's takin fings into mine own paws. It's not easy tryin to blog wifout Mom's help!
Victor Blogging 1

At least I can choose which pictors I wanna post.
Victor Blogging 2

A lil help here, Mom? Mom?! MOM! I'm waitin!
Victor Blogging 3

Dis one. Dis da pictor I wanna show on da blog.
Victor Blogging 4

You mite has to show yur bean da fev-ver in dis pictor. I hope dis fat robin is gonna bild a nest in our tree! He flied away as soon as Mom moofed the blinds to see him better. DUH! Didn't Gramma teach you nofin bout watchin fev-vers?
American Robin

Ok Mom, watch Nina an maybe you'll learn how to spot fev-vers wifout ascarin them all away!
What's Out There?
Bird? Bird! Bird?

PS What else tweets besides birds?


  1. Victor,
    It is so hard to get good secretarial help. But, you's seems to have taken yer mom in paw. Good job!

    I'm so glad that you are still havin' fun wif the shining thing. It looked like it would be a lot of fun. Purrs!

  2. Wow Victor, you are making a very good job of blogging on your own.
    Nina, we hope you are able to teach your mum to be stealthy like you when she looks at the fev-vers.

  3. Victor, I think you are doing very well blogging on your own. Nina, be sure to show your Mom all your stealthiest ways to watch the birds. I hope the robin does build a nest in your tree. It's so much fun to watch them.

  4. Victor I am admiring you and don't start to type ! A boss doesn't type they have secretaries for that, lol !

  5. You are a very good blogger Victor. We just saw the two quotes at the bottom of your bloggie, they are cute.

  6. What a beautiful cat you are and a good blogger too! I love your pictures!!

  7. "Wow" Victor you very good at managing your blog.That Robin looks very yummy....errr cute.

  8. You are doing a very good job with very little help.

  9. this was a great post Victor!!! you're doing a furry good job wif minimal help!

  10. Yer doin very good Victor. We liked the picture you picked. We haf those same birdies here.

  11. Good job, Victor! You are very patient.

    We found you on Twitter!

  12. Maybe you need to get one of those meow activation dictation systems.

  13. Excellent post Victor! Maybe you don't need your Mom's help?

  14. Victor ... I am furry impressed with the quality of your bloggin' ... 'specially since your secretary isn't helpin' you an' Nina furry much. 'Beans!

  15. That is a nice robin picture, even with the blinds in it. But I think Nina could definitely teach your Mom a thing or two.

    We're still on the fence about Twitter.


  16. I tried blogging on my own once and all I managed to type was


    as you can see it didn't make any sense.


  17. WOW Victor, How'd you get the human to listen to you so well? Mine is nearly uncontrollable sometimes!

  18. You certainly have quite a way with your human pet. You must teach me your ways, Victor. I could never have done that.

    Good work on typing the blog post as well! It was excellent!

  19. Victor you are a really good blogger. I love todays blog. Nina is lucky to have such a wonderful brother like you.
    great picture of the feather. I want one of those.