Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Tabby Tattletail Tuesday

Originally uploaded by Tabbymom was B and V Cats
Oh, Mom! If you're going to use the flash, I'm going to blink.
And yes, I AM sitting on the boy's backpack. Of course - it's here, I'm here.

I hope Victor will be back from his catnip "trip" soon.


  1. Exercising a cats rights. Very well done!

  2. Oh I hate that flashy box!

    And thank you Victor for your support on my blog. I knew, that being a fellow mancat, you would fully understand about things jumping of their own accord.

  3. I hate it when they blind me with the flash!

  4. Mum uses the delay flash like you do for beans, and then she doesn't get the blink pictures.

  5. Meowza: I think you are furry cute too.

    Miz Mog: My cats don't like the flashy so I take mostly outdoor shots now.

  6. Argh! Keep that light out of our eyes!

  7. Eww flashy box!
    Victor's on a catnip trip huh? Well, I hope your boys ears don't get alien donkeys in them and he feels better fast.
    Fanks for comin by BKCFoC this weekend too!
    da Mini

  8. The boy's backpack looks like a comfy place to sit to me. I Victor still stoned from his birthday party? That was quite a bash.

  9. I'm very sorry to hear of Bonnie, Victor. She was definitely a wonderful cat.

    Hello Nina! It's nice to meet you! I hope you have been kind to my good friend, Victor. Otherwise, I'm prone to snap!

  10. Wow! That must be some good nip. I think I need to get some. Backpacks are meant for sitting on aren't they?

  11. Flashs hurt ! that's true, humans are terrible with their picture boxes !