Friday, December 12, 2008

Quiet and Sad

Noming in Synch 2/3

Oh, hello! Sorry we've been so quiet this week... as usual, the beans are busy. They were all home Toesday for a Snow Day, but somehow Mom managed to do her day-hunting job instead of blogging for us!

Then on Fursday morning, Mom showed us the mews at the Cat Blogosphere; 3 purry furiends left for the Bridge! All had long, happy lives in good homes, but still... We are sad for their families, who will miss them dreadfully.
  • Kelly, a Good Cat - He always set a great example for Victor. As a former "temp", Mom loves the story behind his name.
  • Skeeter - He took great care of his Big Thing, LC and Ayla for many years and taught them well.
  • Cloud Chaser - I'm sorry we didn't know you better, little furiend.
Now today, our good furiend (and Victor's Dude) Miles is quite sick again, and last time, the vet was afraid it might be FIP! Mom says FIP is really scary because it's untreatable, contagious, and can appear out of nowhere in seemingly healthy cats. I don't understand all those big words (I watch House, but they talk fast!) but I know Miles needs lots and lots of healing purrs. And we need to spare a few for his brofurs Sammy and Billy Sweetfeets and Meezer Mom, who are all furry worried bout Miles.

And ::sigh:: we still have our new collars on. I like the look, but they're a little itchy. It's furry cold here but it got sunny after the Snow Day. Mom even moved my Forty Paws Hammick into the sunshine for me! Victor is keeping a favorite hot air spot company, while I like to curl up in my camouflage bed... that is, until the beans go to bed! Then they're our blanket!

Oh, we finally got our Christmas cards from the store! We didn't promise any to anyone because Mom wasn't sure we could send them. Imagine her not letting us send cards! She said it's a matter of being busy and something about "sitting on the boy to do chores and homework and get better grades." I'm not sure what that means, but I heard Mom and Dad both telling him again and again to "isolate ex so you can solve the equation." It makes my head spin, so I just march up to Mom or Dad and say "Let's play mousie." It's a good thing they understand that's what my "MEOW" means.

Victor says they'll be bringing a real live dead tree into the house soon, but I think he's teasing me. I know beans are weird, but that would be REALLY weird!

If you're looking for us, we'll be purring with Miles. Or I might be visiting Chance Bond. He's so sweet and cute! So everyone, if you're well, stay that way. And if you're not well, get better soon! MEOW!
~ Nina Torbie


  1. Victor my DUDE!! Fank you so much for all the purrss and everything. I really really 'presheee-ates it. Mommy is all leaky every time she sees me walk and it's making me upset. I's gonna be unner the bed if you want to come ofur. we can make lots of trouble from unner there!- Miles

  2. It is a sad time in the sphere. Well Nina, you think your beans are wierd.. Mine bring in a faux tree and then spray air freshner to make it smell like a tree? Yawn!

  3. Yes it has been very sad with more friends going to the Bridge.
    We are purring our strongest purrs for Miles.

  4. These weeks are horribubble.
    It is never ever nice losing a fuuriend even when we know they will be more happier and no pain.
    And I thinks everyboddies Mommas are a lot busy at the moment.. we has been goign to party after party.. Momma is partied out, not that she likes being around people too much, takes too much out of her being all social and stuff..
    You guys stay well and happy too!! :)


  5. It has been a very distressing week. We have read about Miles' update but we don't like their vet very much right now.

  6. Yep, it's been a sad week...we sure hope Miles is guys hang in there...

  7. Wednesday was a really bad day. I sure hope that Miles gets better soon. This is scary. Tee-hee, my word verification is "merrows" -- is that a meow and a purr together? If so, I will give it to you and Miles.

  8. It sure has been a sad old week. We are purring hard for Miles and all the sick kitties.

    Whicky Wuudler

  9. It has indeed been a hard week in the cat blogosphere, and then hearing about Miles was like a kick to the nads. I want very badly for him to be all right. Very badly.

  10. We sure are purring and purraying fur Miles, we don't even like da idea dat he is sick. By da way, yoo look lovely Nina.

  11. We are purring for Miles. We are sad about losing all our furry friends.

  12. Hi Victor and Nina,

    We wuz so plezed that you stopped by the Hyggehus for yure furst visit. Thank you!

    We are sorry to hear about the kitties who have gone to the Bridge. We will say sum prayrs fur Miles too. Give him a snuggle fur us.

    We are adding you to our "cool cats" list. Purhaps nex times you come an visit, you can "follow" us.


    The Hyggecats - Gilbert, Blanche, Daisy and Red

    P.S. Gets yure bean to get one of doze Eeek mousie toys. They're grrreat!

  13. Yes there were quite sad news in catworld lately. But you both look great, you have such beautiful fur coats ! (I don't wear fur, of course !)

  14. Thanks for all the news, Nina. We've missed you and Victor while we've been computerless, but we're sort of back.

    Stay warm.

    It was very sad to lose 3 kitties in one day!

  15. We're purring really hard for Miles too. I wish beans left the real live dead trees indoors all year long. Now that would be fun!

  16. Nice to hear from you, Nina.

    Hearing about our friends this past week was very sad, you're right about that. I'm purring for Miles, too.

    A real live dead tree? That sounds very intriguing - take a picture if that happens!

  17. You are right Nina, it has been a sad week in the blogosphere.

    I don't think your humans are kidding about the dead tree in the house...wait and see. We have a fake one here.

  18. It was a sad week for the CB, indeed. We are also purring for Miles and hoping it is just vestibular vertigo disease. Our paws are crossed, too!

  19. Wow! A weal wive dead twee! That sounds awesome!
    I'm puwwing and puwwing for Miles too!


  20. Come to mine purrthday on 17 dec! I is going to become a BIG MAN CAT then!


  21. I know, it has been very sad in the kitty blogosphere's gotten to where I am almost scared to check out the kitty blogs for fear of more bad news...

  22. This is a;; very sad news and we are very worried about our buddy Miles... If it is FIP it's not good news... :(


  23. Thnk you fer mentionin Skeeter (fer our sake) and Cloud Chaser an Kelly. It was a hard sad week...

  24. We are sad, too! And we are purrring hard for Miles!!!!
    Your FL furiends,