Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Two Tortured Tabbies on Tuesday

Nina's shtill not talkin to Mom, so she can't tell her what to type. I type fur myself, so I'll asplain.

Ok, here's what happened. Back on Finally Friday, Mom saw Nina squintin agin an made a pointment fur her to see da vet lady. Dad woulda taked her to the vet lady, but Nina hided too good. Dad called them to say he couldn't bring her in cuz her was hidin, an Nina walked thru the room... MOL! Anyways, he reskeduled the pointment an left a PTU out. Acourse, I checked to make sure I didn't haf a new brofur or sisfur in that PTU, but it was empty. Then Mom putted the ofur PTU out, an it was empty too, cept when I was in it, makin shure.

Wul, by Easy Like Sunday mornin, Nina mostly stopped squintin, like I telled her, but I couldn't help it when mine eyes got red an gooey. So on Mancat Monday mornin, Mom grabbed Nina into a PTU an taked her out to the car! I thot I was safe an when Mom camed inside agin, I showed up to say g'bye. Instead of a big hug, Mom grabbed me an shtuffed ME into the ofur PTU! Then she putted me in the car, too! Is it legal to remoof us bof? What if a mouse gotted into the house?

Wul, I just made like I was not efun there so maybe Mom wood furget to take me into the vet, while Nina cried an cried. I nefur knowed Mom could carry us bof at the same time, but she did, rite into da vet's office.

The nice vet lady looked at Nina's eyes first an stole sum goop frum them fur a test. She's lookin fur what v-eye-rus we gots. Then she looked at mine eyes an cleaned them up, but they was still red an itchy. She opened sum teeny, tiny bottles an mixed em togefur, then shtuck shtinky medicine up my nose! Then it was Nina's turn; da vet lady mixed more of her tiny bottles an put medicine up Nina's nose! Affer lotsa blah, blah, blah talkin, Mom tooked us home.*

I finally mewed when Mom didn't let us out rite away. She brot us bof, in our PTUs, into da big bafroom an closed da door. Nina shouted, "NO! No baf! I didn't pee dis time! No baf!" I just purtended I wasn't der again. So Mom letted out Nina, grabbed her an putted eye goop in her eyes. Then she let go an Nina hopped into da sink to hide (I don't fink dat's a grate hidin spot). Then Mom letted me out. I knowed what was comin an tried to wiggle, wiggle, wiggle so da eye goop would get used up efurrywhere but mine eyes - but Mom gotted it in mine eyes anyway.

After all that torture, we deserved sum treats, right? Wul, Mom thinked so too cuz she broughted the Pill Pockets in wif us all. After goopin mine eyes, Mom gaf me 3 pill pockets an then she letted us out. Mmmmm, I like Pill Pockets.

Now she's catchin us an goopin our eyes mornin an nite, but I also gets a yummy pill pocket! Didja efur notice the crunchy center? It's not the yummiest part, but I try to eat 'em too fast to notice the yucky bit.

Mom, pleez put the PTUs away now... they makes us nervus.

Here's my bestest poor tortured tabby face:
Victor's Back

PS I finded a GRATE new toy last nite! It's our Cat Dancer, but it was hidin an wigglin unner a crinkle sak! I just had to POUNCE an POUNCE on it! Nina gaf it a pounce or two, but not like me - I gave it BIG MANCAT pounces. What fun!

* The gist of the blah blah blah is, the vet is culturing a sample of the eye goo and gave Nina & Victor a vaccine for the most likely virus. They both get tri-optic eye drops and Victor gets an antibiotic as he's been sneezing and has a wheeze. This is the same viral URI as before; it never went completely away.


  1. That sounds like a FURRY bad day to us!!! Hopre y'all are all the way betters soon!!!
    ~Meeko & Kiara

    pee ess- Momma maded owr bloggie look pretty, check it owt an let us know what y'all fink!

  2. Poor Victor, you don't look very happy. Even your tail is flicked up saying you are not happy.We hope you both soon have good as new eyes again.

  3. Oh you poor poor mistreated childrens! The unfairness of it all is just unbearable. We hope you both are eyegoop-free very very soons!

    Very truly yours,
    The Whiskers and Purrs Gang

  4. Well, this is a case for an attorney at cat law. You deserve many more treats for such torture.

    (We hope your eyes are v-eye-rus free soon.)

  5. Dude I can relate!! This happened to me this very evening- the Woman took both of us in separate PTU's which I didn't think could happen either. I sure hope they figure out the bad virus and it goes away once and for all!


  6. Well that just sucks! Hope you feel all better soon.

  7. Bummer that you both had to see the VET. But maybe this eye goop will finally go away.

  8. Oh, Victor, you got something put up your NOSE????? The whole thing sounds illegal, but that sounds double plus illegal! I'd be worried it was some sort of alien tracking device up there or something. Try to sneeze it out!

  9. You both suffered such horrible pain and indignity! Thank goodness you mom is good enough to try to make up for putting you through all of this by giving you some yummy pill pockets...yeah, what's with the crunchy centers anyways????

  10. Oh you poor kitties... I've heard about these sorts of URI's before, cat breeders are hyper fussy about preventing them as they stay dormant for ages and then flair up again. Stress or a new family member arriving can cause these flair-ups. So you need a stress free life for quite some time I reckon. Lotsa pampering and fuss is what nurse Isis prescribes ok?! ;)


  11. You poor babies! But...those pill pockets aren't half bad - keep eating them, I hear they are very good for you!
    Smooches to you both!

  12. I fink that was furry mean. Rascal has a virus in him's eye too, but it's a different kind an' him has to get l-lysine fur it. Whatever that is.

  13. Oh MY goodness! what is going on with all my fuuriends.. you guy is simply not allowed to be sick-ed ok? :)

    Kind healing lickities

  14. What a terrible ordeal! The PTU is bad enough but then to have to get pills and eye drops. Oh the agony.

    Hope your eyes will be okay very soon!

  15. Oh, Victor and Nina, you poor things! That is a lot of torture to endure. At least you have those delicious Pill Pockets to make up for it. I hope your eyeballs get all better soon!

  16. Poor Tabby and Torbie! Sorry about the V-E-T and the goops! Mommy always says that it's for the best when she gives us medicine, but we're pretty sure she's lying. We hope you're both feeling better soon!

  17. What a stressful adventure. I hope you get feeling better. Those eye ointments are not the most fun thing to get in your eye, but if it helps it's worth tolerating.

  18. We are purring your eyes get better soon. ~S,S & C

  19. that cat look like the kitten i rescue, recently..

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  20. Sorry to hear your feeling sickie.
    "Tag" your it please go to my blog and see :)

  21. We sure hope your eyes aren't goopy anymore!

  22. Poor Victor and Nina! That is a sad, despairing face. I hope the vet works out what virus you have and you get mended very soon. All that medicine, yuk.

    Whicky Wuudler

  23. What an awful day you and Nina had. I hope you're both doing better now.