Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thursday 13: Paper

Vampy Vic an Mushka asplained that the paper in a pictor was not trash but a toy. Wul, DUH, all cats know that! But I guess it haded to be asplained to dumb beans. So here is 13 types of paper we loves, wif sum help from Bonnie:

1. Tissue paper.

2. Drawin paper.
Tummy Shot!

3. Rappin paper.
Bonnie Gift Wrapped 1

4. Sorted papers.
Proper Bonnie

5. Packin paper.
Grumpy Bonnie

6. Paper bags.
What's in Here? Um, dat's PAPER bags... Victor Bagging

7. Homewerk papers.
Bonnie Studies "The Jaguar"

8. Impawtant bizziness papers.
Bonnie Taxed

9. Junque mail papers.
Vet Notice

10. Tissue paper (can't haf too much!)
Bonnie's Valentine Heart

11. Mewspapers.
Don't Recycle the Cat!

12. Insturction papers.
Bonnie Reading

13. Bill's papers... No, efun WE don't like Bill's papers!
What's yur favoritest kind of paper?

PS Nina needs to get into da papers round hear more! Mom don't got any pictors of her wif paper yet!

PPS Dis week, Bonnie's been goned 5 months. We miss you, Crabby Girl. But fanks fur guidin us to Nina. She's grate.

VOTE for Victor Tabbycat in The 4th Annual World’s Coolest Dog & Cat Show!
Victor's making funny faces!

VOTE for Victor Tabbycat in The 4th Annual World’s Coolest Dog & Cat Show!
Victor's curly tail should win!


  1. Oh wow are they wondderful pictures of beautiful Bonnie edxplaining about the papers!
    hahah Momma and I decided to add that coz we haz to explain it to visitors to our house, we forgots we is talking to fellow furry babies!

    5 months seems to go so fast.. I just know Bonnie would love that you is remembering her and smiling, it would be making her feel warm and smiley too! :))
    She looks like my type of girl I wish I had gotten to knowz her better :))

    lots of purrs

  2. That's exactly the same here, lol !
    Real nice TT !

  3. Papers can be very fun! You are lucky to have so much.

  4. These are great pictures and it's lovely to see Bonnie again. I miss her. So much paper! Yay!

  5. Smooches to you both.
    It does not seem like 5 months...

  6. I agree, paper is great! Especially the super crinkly sounding kind.

    Has it already been 5 months since we lost Bonnie? I can't believe it. Purrrrrrrrrs.

  7. It's so nice to see Bonnie, we've missed her crabby little face and voice. How has it already been 5 months?!

    Nina, you've got to try out paper - it's a super fun toy! My personal favorite is chewing the corners of scrapbook papers :-)
    Purrs to you all,

  8. I miss sweet little crabby Bonnie.

    I think my favorite paper is tissue papers. The crinklier, the better!

  9. Me and Bendrix miss Bonnie too. It is hard to believe it has been 5 months. It seems like just yesterday she was policeing us at the Meezer's party.

    Those are great pictures. I looooove papers. Especially when my beans hide my fev-ver toys under a piece of newspaper

  10. YES! We luff paper too! We are gittin soooooo excited cuz Christmas is comin' soon and Santa Paws always bwings LOTS of papers and bows too!

  11. Yes, papers are a cat's best friend. We love all the photos with all the different kinds of papers. Our favorite paper? Green papers!!!

    How can sweet Bonnie be gone 5 months. In two weeks it will be 5 weeks for our Lilly. Don't you just know they're up at the Bridge hangin' together.

  12. The paperbags are really cool! I love them, too!

  13. I like the rolling around on Business papers. I like expensive art paper and I like toilet paper. Makes a nice snack.

  14. Paper is great fun for kitties. I really love that picture of Bonnie rolling around on the business papers. It's hard to believe that it's been five months already that she's been gone. I miss her, too.

  15. Awww...Bonnie! I can't believe its been 5 months, that seems totally impossible to me. I like all papers too, they are nice and warm.


  16. You must get important junk if it's spelled "junque"!

    Yes, time goes very quickly even though we're missing the ones we love.

  17. It doesn't seem like it's been 5 months. I miss Bonnie a lot, too. I enjoyed seeing pictures of her again today :-)

  18. Papers are even better when you shred them.

    We're glad you two are getting along so well now. We know you still miss Bonnie, though, Victor.

  19. That's so cool. I never thought of different kinds of papers like that.

    Wow, five months. I know how you feel, it's been over two months for Sprout.

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