Friday, October 17, 2008

Friendly Friday

True Love
Originally uploaded by Bonnie and Victor Cats
Mom was stressed out last night... so we helped her relax.

Our hearts go out to Cammie's Kittie and their Mom Tara... Fly free, sweet Tiki.


  1. we are so sad about Tiki. we are thinking of his mommy and sending comfort thoughts.

    you both obviously are pros at de-stressing your mommy.

  2. Wow - you're really good at that de-stressing thing, Mommy totally chilled out when she saw your picture!

    We're purring for Tiki's family, it's hard to lose a good friend.

  3. I'm sure you are excellent therapy

  4. Purrrrs, purrrrs, purrrrs! We are so sad about Tiki, too! We are sending lot of hugs to Camie's Kitties and to your Mom, too!
    Your FL furiends,

  5. Yep we have to help our beans destress. I gotta purr at mum all night so she will sleep.

  6. Mommy's can get stressed so easily, looks like you have her covered (literally).

  7. You two are very good at de-stressing your Mom. I am very sad about Tiki, too.

  8. You are so good cats ! Cats are the best way to destress !

    Very sad for Tiki !

  9. A double dose of kitty purrs will halp anybody relax.

  10. That was very nice of you two to help your Mom relax like that :-)

  11. I hope your person is less stressed today.

    And we are so sad about Tiki as well.

  12. I can see that your Momma would have been rexlain almost instantly with those warm cuddles :))
    You must keep it up though, Mommas usually take awhile to de-stress:)
    Iz very sad for warrior Tikis families.. but now he can be flying free.. that is comforting..
    We are sending lots of love to his families


  13. Very sad about Tiki... we were just over there....
    You are the most wonderful helpers in stress reduction! Just looking at you at work makes my maid relax, hahahahahahahahahahahaha