Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Purrs and licks, especially to Mr. Bond... Chance Bond.


  1. Dat iz a great box yoo gots!

    fanks fur comin ta meh celebrashun!

  2. That's a pretty orange box you've got there Nina.

  3. Nina, are you a present for someone? ~S,S & C

  4. If I was you I would put the bitey on that box, to make sure everyone knows who it belongs to. Or you could just put the bitey on anyone who tries to get in it or take it away. Either way is good.

    Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh i just BLOGGED!

    ~ lola

  5. Nina has such a great face! She's a very distinguished torbie, certainly.

  6. You've made the purrfect choice for the fall season. That box will carry you through quite nicely all the way through Thanksgiving!

  7. Great box Nina!
    You could be a double for Scout. He's got ginger color all through his tabby coat too. Especially on his belly. Mom calls him Ginger Belly.

  8. That looks like a take-charge kitty all right...

  9. Dat iz a furry luverly pyctoor of yoo an fanks soo furry much fur da speshul purrs an licks. *blushes*

    Wuld yoo lyk ta go to Pralines purrfday party wif me to day? Der will be sum shrimps an chik-hen an evan sum toona!

  10. Nina you look so cute :)

  11. Boxes are fun to play in :-) And you look so pretty in it, too!

  12. Wooohooooo! Pawsum, lets hed ova ta Pralines fur da party. I wuld defnitely brings her a fuzzy mousie. She gots tons uv treets frum her Mommie soes toys wuld be bestest. Fanks fur sayin yoo will go wif me. Puuurrrrrrrrsssssss & Snuggles.

  13. Nina, you "Just did it" up right in that picture!

  14. I like your box. Miewmie, I want a box too!!

  15. Does what Nina??
    I hopez not Dallas? :P


    pes: I knowz you don't do Dallas you is a little lady :))

  16. What a look!!!
    We gave you the "I love your cats" award, you can get it at our blog.

  17. Nina,
    I love your eyes! You do it girl!

  18. Apparently that Mr. Bond is a real charmer. That's an adorable picture of you. Love the swoosh in your fur.

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  20. Such a cute photo! Bet you could curl down into the show box and take a little nap if you wanted to.
    Tell Victor hi for me.