Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thurs 13 Nina Needs...

Victor said I should try this. We read a web page that searches the world for pages with the words "Nina Needs" and then read the answers. I don't quite understand the point of this...
  1. Nina needs to pee so bad! - No I don't, but when I do, I'll use the litterbox, of course!
  2. Nina needs an Akatsuki Parner XD - What's Akatsuki? A-Cat-suki?
  3. Nina needs a nap - Sure, any time!
  4. Nina needs your votes - I didn't know I was on the ballot.
  5. Nina needs an holiday - Going from the shelter to a foster home was "an" holiday. Being here is like an extra long holiday!
  6. Nina needs a home - Yes, but they say this is my home.
  7. Nina needs a Wee - See 1. OH! I mean item 1, not "number 1".
  8. Nina needs A NEW HOME! - Gee, I hope not. See 6.
  9. Nina needs a break - Well, yes, this blogging stuff can be tiring. #3 would be welcome now.
  10. Nina needs a witness - If Victor says I'm being naughty, who will take my side?
  11. Nina needs a new verizon phone ASAP! - First blogging, now a phone? I'm just a kitty!
  12. Nina needs your advices - Should I trust advice from people who can't spell?
  13. Nina needs an holiday - I thought we covered this in #5? Oh well, since it's been suggested twice, I'll work on numbers 3, 5 and 9...


  1. What a neat page , though I am sure Nina couldn't need all that.. could she??? ;)

  2. Hahaha that's too funny I should try it with Arthur !

  3. Apparently they think we all need homes, because my "needs" were a home too. I'm pretty sure we're both in good homes now.

  4. Hewwo Nina....I don fink yoo needs anyfing. I fink yoo iz purrfect jus da way yoo arr. Corse iffen yoo wants "an" holiday, yoo culd com visit wif me an Shadow. I could helps yoo wif dat nap stuffs. Naps arr bettur iffen yoo gots sumwun ta snuggles wif.

  5. We don't think you need anything Nina - you've got a forever home, foods , brofurr, a litter box and beans that love you. It sounds like you're all set!

  6. Hi Nina, what a great Mememe. I need lots of things as well, especially munchies. Thanks for sharing. FAZ

  7. great meme! i don't think you need a new home. i think you have a perfect forever home right there!

    even tho it isn't my needs...i'll work on 3, 5 & 9 too....

  8. We did the 'needs' meme too, it's fun!

    Mindy & Moe

  9. For some reason I need to pee and a nap right away!

    purrs Goldie

  10. Nina--I am thrilled to see another cat who has joined the political life! I am here to support you and hope that you are running for senate or perhaps a local post!

  11. Hmmm, my 'needs' were way different that lots of kitties. I thinks some of my related to that horse race I got named after.

    Nina, when all else fails, nap.