Sunday, July 06, 2008

Da Fridge Meme

The aminals of Jan's Funny Farm tagged me fur the Fridge Meme... The rules is, show us a photo of the front of your Cold Box and tell us bout at least one fing on it and one fing you keep inside of it! Tag your furiends and remember to stay COOL! And no fair cleaning it up first!!!

Wul, our fridge has lotsa stuff on it! I had Mom take these pictors an if you want, you can click on them an see them on Flickr an der are "tags" identifying sum of da fings. Mostly, it holds the bean calendar so I can see where they is if they's not here when they's not at werk or skool or camp. Do you see Skeezix? How bout the Squillions magnets? Der's efun a few trains. It's got less stuff at the bottom but I has no idea why! ;-)
Our Fridge

Here's a closer look. You can see the grate card Kimo & Sabi sent us an sum of the comics Mom an Dad safed. The comics are a) cats, b) parentin, or c) tech support. O noes! Der's the scary calendar day, "v2v" - dat's the day Mom tooked me to the vet!
Our Fridge - Stuff!

Here's one of da comics bout Bonnie - "I haf a roommate who throws up efurryfing he eats." "Oh, Bulemic?" "No, cat."
Our Fridge - Comic Strip

And here are ones bout Bonnie an me (maybe). The safe pettin chart is defnitly Bonnie, but I knows now not to asplore my PTU!
Our Fridge - Comic Strips

So, dat's lots of shtuff ON our fridge. What's in it? Eyescream, meat, cheez, ham, catnip, chick-hen, water, salla-me, milk, an sumtimes kitty food.

Ok, da next pictor is kinda gross. It's the freezer at Mom's werk huntin place. Sumone put der orinj N-R-G drink in to cool an furgotted bout it. It asploded an it was 3-4 days afore he realized it was HIS mess efurryone was complainin bout! EWWWW.
Work Freezer

I tag Mr. Hendrix & Bendrix, who is defnitly NOT hafin a house trashin party today ::wink wink::
I also tag my Beau Beau Bro an Angie Pot Pie, who's finded a grate box.
Lastest, I tag Grr, Midnight an Cocoa who just hads their gotcha days. What CUTE kitties you was! Um, is.


  1. oh your Fridge is almost as cluttered as ours--but at least you all know what you have on yours.

  2. You have a great Fridge. It looks a lot like ours!

  3. Now that's a proper fridge face!

    Not "nekkid" like ours. Which we have NOTHING to do with, of course.

  4. We gots stoopid cartoons on ours...but dey is not kitty related.

  5. Me and Russell would have that all cleared off in seconds!!

  6. Oh my yoo gots a ton of fun stuff on yur frijjy. It'll take a couple days but we'll put up owr ice box picshures too. We really like all doze comics.

  7. We have that same dry-erase week-by-week calendar on our fridgie!

    We've only been in our apartment since January, so we don't have *quite* as many goodies as you do!
    Great fridge!

    The purries from Purrchance To Dream
    and Not The Mama

  8. Wowee Victor! You have lotsa stuff on your fridge! Kinda makes Momma want to put more stuff on ours, but if she puts things on it too low, our silly monster kitty brother Simon pulls them off! Hee hee!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina and Sam

  9. Wow ... You've got lots of stuff on your 'frigerator, Victor. Mom has three of those cold boxes ...

  10. Wowie! You've got a pwetty exciting fwidge. And that fwidge at your Mom's work pwace wooks cool! Bwight owange!

  11. Wow!!! Such a lot of cool stuff!

  12. Oah My~!
    Your cold box is awesome~!
    I haven't seem such BEAUTIFUL RICH COLOR cold box in my life~~

  13. WOWSIE!!! We think you have the best cold box ever!!! Lots of good stuff!!! OH JAN....THIS is how a cold box should look!!!

  14. Wow! Your beans have a lot on the outside of the frig :-0 I saw the note "instructions to replace cold sodas with warm ones". Who is that for? Why are instructions even necessary? LOL

    That is a very gross picture! How come no one ever wants to clean out the workplace refrigerator? I always hated to use them because of the eeewwww, what is this, how long has this been in here factor. Stuff that of course belongs to no one.

  15. Looking good -- a fridge should be full of little things that mean a lot.

  16. Wow, that's a cool fridge! Ours is so empty.. outside and also inside :-/

  17. Ya sure gotta lotta cool stuff on yer cool box!

  18. Dude... we have a giftie for you!

  19. Wow, you have so much stuff on the fridge you almost can't see the fridge!

  20. Gosh you have a few more bits on your fridge than we do on ours, but not by that much! ;)

  21. I love your fridge, Victor! You'll never get bored looking at it!

  22. Wow Victor,

    You have lots of cool stuff on yur fridge!!!! We iz going to have to start owr very oun bloggie magnet collectshun too.

    Owr Momma said her fridge at her night hunting job looks like that a lot. She sayz she works with a lot of lazy boys who think their Momma must work there cuz they never clean up after themselves, epecially when their sodas splode in the freezers.

  23. That's a super fridge face. Ours is nekkid compared to yours. By the way, you've got an award!

  24. Wow, yall have more stuff than we do. Maybe we better order some more stuff for Mom to put on the fridge.
    your bud Pepi

  25. OH Wow, what an amazing assortment of stuff on your fridge! It kinda looks as cluttered as ours. We have effury inch of our fridge filled with stuff.

  26. Victor fanks fur coming by my bloggy. Your right! Sugar does look like someone you know and I think its you! She is furry excited to know that there are other kitties out there who look like her who and are smart enough to be blogging. Hope you come back soon.
    -Stryder (& Sugar)

  27. Love the squirrel photo - I mean your elegant back view. Why don't humans make micecream for us cats?