Thursday, November 08, 2007


We missed the first IDYA from Karl and Anastasia at The Cat Realm. I'm just not eager to wear hair that isn't my own.
IDYA #2 was to find a NOMSS friend... If it's not too late, we found one! I'm one of Chase's Charmers, so we talked about becoming friends with his REALLY big sister, Snap the horse! As suburban cats, we've never met a horse before, but my mother was a barn cat.

We exchanged email with Snap, so here's her introduction in her words.
Straight from the horse's mouth!
Hello felines, I hope that you smell nice because I really like to snuzzle the barn cats. It's kind of fun to make them walk away while I blow on them, I think they smell interesting. Lets see... I am a 6 year old mare (girl) and I am a chestnut (red head) Thoroughbred. I have a white star and stripe on my face but other than that I'm all one color, I'm a darker "liver" color.
I used to be a racehorse but I hated that. People wanted me to work too hard for too long and I liked to give a burst of speed but not keep it up. I am the "Boss Mare" of my field which means I'm in charge of the rest of my 15 fieldmates. They look to me for guidance and I tell them when to kiss-off. I put my ears back to warn horses and people to back off. My name is Make it Snappy (Snap for short) and my racing name was KTM Sparkler. I snap at the air when I'm mad. I clack my teeth together and pin my ears and make nasty faces when I don't like something. Oh, and I swish my tail. I think Bonnie and I have a lot in common. I don't like to be touched unless its on my face and then I love hugs and pets.
I LOVE FOOD. Any kind of food. I like carrots, apples, coffee, candy, watermelon, cereal, you name it - I eat it. I like when the Woman rides me because she's smart and knows that you can't make me do something, it has to be my idea. If I'm in pain, I'll tell you all about it and refuse to put one hoof forward. I'm very reliable and dependable though, I would never hurt my rider and I feel the need to take care of my rider and any other horses around me. I think I'd be a good mother. I'm also a terrible flirt. When I come into heat (they don't fix girl horses, just boys) I make it quite known that I'm very interested in ANY thing/one/object that might... ahem... satisfy me.
So that's me. Now leave me alone and let me eat my grass. Unless you have a treat, then I'll look the most innocent sweet angel and do whatever you want. :) Treat???? Please????

- Snap
Sounds like she knows her mind! I admire that in a female friend.

And she likes treats! ::spin:: I unnerstand that! So Snap is our furry BIG NOMSS friend. Our mom loves horses an rided them fur 4 years, but never owned one. She says it takes lotsa green papers.

I'll bet horses don't get wrapped in blankets and stuffed into PTUs to see the vet!

Now we have Anastasia's last dare. Poor Anastasia! This challenge should appeal to me in particular, as it involves an element of... revenge. So many cats have been forced to appear on their blogs dressed in uncomfortable and silly outfits! Some cats enjoy dressing up; that's fine, but for those of us who do NOT like it, this is a chance to get even.

We asked Mom an Dad if they'd dress up, but they didn't wanna. The boy, howefur, was quite happy to pose in hims howloween costume! We present Our Boy as... A Software Pirate!
Halloween 2007 - Software Pirate

Very scary. See the pens in his geeky pocket? And he's offering fake OEM copies of popular software titles. Weird. So, that's our IDYA#3 entry.

I wonner if he knows DP Blogger?


  1. I can't believe I didn't think of Snap as an NOMSSF! What a great idea!

  2. We love your little software pirate!

    Purrrrs, China Cat & Willow

  3. How absolutely wonderful!!! Snap sounds like a horse who Anastasia would have really liked!!! A great nomss friend, thank you so much for accepting this challenge, and I hope you have lots of fun with your new friend! Did you dare her to do Ana's last Dare...???
    And thank you so much for accepting the challenge to DUYS, you did a very good job! I really appreciate it!
    Remember: tomorrow we will all vote on viewers' favorite!
    Your friend Karl

  4. My mom and dad have laughed at the software pirate for days. That is really good!!

    -Jasper McKitten-Cat

  5. Nice horsee. Da momee here lovez da horsies... but we will not get one. Dere are far too many catz dat live here to be bringin' horsiez home. Dat boy iz furryly cute az well. Iz he goin' to find berried trezurez fur you???

    -Dr Tweety

  6. Great job with both dares! :) Snap is a wonderful horse. Your boy looks very cute as a software pirate! What a cool idea for a costume. :)

  7. Software pirate is real cool. What a wonderful idea. Snap sounds really cool too :)

  8. What a lovely looking horse friend you now have and I think your boy looks great! :)

  9. Yur Boy is a cute pirate! Furry good idea.

  10. Snap is a very cool horse! Your boy makes a very scary software pirate!

  11. I never met a horse before, it was nice to see a picture of Snap and learn about some of the things he/she likes. I think I wouldn't want to get close enough to be blown on as horses are so big. I have heard about computer pirates, now I know what they look like. I will keep an eye out for one in our house and warn mom & dad if I see one.
    Thanks for the blog address of Pepsi, I stopped by their place today. That looks like a neat place to live at. Can you imagine the only boy cat in the house filled with girl cats, Pepsi must rule! We do look alike, though Pepsi looks a little younger than me. Virginia is in kind of my section of the country but too far away to be related unless they moved from Indiana. Stop back over, I am working on a new idea for my blog.

  12. Software pirate,hahahahaha!!! that is really good
    Also, it is really cool to have a horse as a NOMSSF friend!! Say Hi to Snap for me :)

  13. heeeeeeehehe A sofware pirate! Neato! Maybe we could get him to... oh nefurmind. Mommy sez that's not rite to do. Oh well.
    Yore BIG Nomss furriend seems grate too. How cool! (And I bet she's not into tem-tay-shuns, so yall get to keep them.)
    Sanjee, Boni Maroni, Mini, Gree and Pepi

  14. Oooh, how exciting!! All of these kitties seem to be intrigued with me. I'd purr but I can't. Maybe I'll just snort some snot on you? I do that a lot. I'm very honored to be your NOMSSF.


  15. First off, Snap is a great choice for your NOMSS friend! She's a great and very funny horse. I like the Software Pirate costume. It's so creative, and just a little bit sciarty, too.

  16. I like your idea, I like the way you think. I don't like hats either, maybe if you laid next to it that would count?????

  17. I tried to click on the link and see the photo. It said I needed to open an account, I tried to do that but it then said I didn't have permission to view photo. Maybe you could send it to my e mail as an attachment. I would so like to see it. I didn't know that you really, really, realllllllllly, hate hats. I cannot even think of biting the mom. But desperate times call for desperate measures. I do hope that she has gotten the message and won't try a hat on you again.

  18. that is a hilarious concept for a costume - I love it! Also noticed your beautiful kitty photos in the previous post, so you might be interested in a cool offer Catster and Shutterfly have right now - where you can get free photo cards of your beautiful kitties...check it out!

  19. I misread what you sent me, you did say that you bit your hat. Good for you. I didn't think that you looked like a cat that would bite his mommie. You are such a sweet looking cat, your pictures make me smile. I especially like the ones you just posted when you were playing with your toy. Really enjoy talking with you today, keep in touch.

  20. hahaha software pirate. VERY CLEVER.

    A Horse? Wow. I wonder if you can get a ride? Giggles.


  21. Haha a software pirate hahaha.
    Snap is a good choice furr yer NOMSSF. We haf got lots of horsies who live here and they are our furrends, but none of them are blogging horsies.We go in the feelds and talk to them.