Saturday, September 08, 2007

Photo Hunters: Music

Photo Hunters

Young Musician
Originally uploaded by Bonnie & Victor Cats
This is our boy wif his funny music-maker. Him is 12 an happy cuz he's just played a concert fur alla parents. Mom says he looks like a typical tweenage boy.

(you can still go down an see the bideos frum Friday! They's in two posts)


  1. 'funny music maker' is great!! Way to go to give concerts at 12 yrs young!

    Our Simba looks a little like Bonnie Underfoot, by the way, and he's featured on my photohunt post this week! :)

  2. Don't be mad at us pleeze, but when mom furst glanced at da piksher she thawt of da youngest gerl. Yup, when she was 12 da 14 year old talked her into a hair cut...bad, bad, bad! It looks good on a 12 year old boy.

  3. We love kids and their music. It is sweet to the ears of every parent and us cat's like it, too.
    Your FL furiends,

  4. Looks like he's having fun with that. Good for him!

    Mine's up, stop by for a visit. :)

  5. He needs a haircut... as yousual. His bestest instrument is always wif him - he's a grate whistler!

  6. He looks like a very nice boy. My Lady does not play any instruments, but wishes she did.

  7. Oh!! Our big girlbean used to play that meowbox. We would sing along with it. Do you?
    Oh mom made some videos of that too.

    I bet he is really good.
    The meowbox is a very good instument to make great music!


  8. He looks very proud and happy. :) How wonderful that he was playing a concert!

  9. Mom played violin at that age too, and now she plays fiddle. I reposted some of our St. Patrick's day photos today.


  10. "funny music maker" I love your description! Great post!

  11. He looks very happy. I like your description of his instrument.

  12. he looks so happy...beautiful photo

  13. I love that shot. Such a great expression on his face and perfect for music.

  14. What a precious picture -- he sounds like a sweet, talented young fellow!

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

  15. He looks very happy and handsome with his music maker at his side!


  16. Oh your Boy is very, Very Adorable!
    And obviously talented.
    It is clear that he gets his good looks and talent from you, Victor (but the red hair???)
    He looks very sweet, kind and happy.
    Downright BOY-ANT!
    Exactly the sort of Boy we would expect from St. John's/UCSB stock!
    Primo Boy!
    (Did I already ask you if you have an extra room for me? I LOVE cream!)
    The Badester

  17. Wow ... He looks a little bit like Harry Potter, too ... Is he magical AN' musical?

  18. What's even better than his happiness? The fact that his whole family is behind him and proud, too!

  19. Hello Victor, please tell your human bean that I enjoyed the videos of you guys and the picture of your boy with his instrument. Is it a viola or violin? And thanks to your mom for comments about our Little T!

  20. Always neat when they love their music too! He looks like he really must enjoy it.

    Come and see mine.

  21. Your boy is very handsome! I am proud of him for playing a musical instrument, too. He looks happy. I like that.

  22. Victor,
    I was hoping you'd have a ManCat Monday post for me, but alas!
    Let there be harmony in the cat blog sphere,
    and let it begin with meeeeeeeeee....

    Can your boy play that?
    It is very kind of you to extend a paw of reconciliation to me. Of course we can be allies. Maybe even friends one day.
    I am writing this from my front deck where I love to hang out when the sun comes up and goes down. Willie is with me. He reminds me of Victor, sometimes.

    Gotta run. It's hot here already today. Much to do!
    Love from Sadie Badie Little Fadie

  23. Music is awesome!! I have to say, tweenagers ROCK!!!! I loved the auntie-girl who came over and she's 11.