Friday, September 07, 2007

Funny Friday

We haf a grate bideo of me playin, but it's not cooperatin fur mom... so we found THIS instead!

That tabby kitteh, Sparta reminds me of a certain tabby in my howse. Who could that be? Purrs!

Ok, here's a short form of my bideo. Sumfing's wrong wif the sound.


  1. That was fun and funny! I like to play hard like that too and I love how your tail is curled Victor!


  2. Those were some great videos! I could hear the sound fine on both of them. Little Sparta does the bitey almost exactly like me! Victor, you are good at playing Trackball.

  3. You're a great trackball player! We needs to get one of those toys. EG always steals the ball out of our turbo scratcher and then hides it.

  4. It is sooo good to see you again Victor! No, the GK has not lost weight. At the least Troll says not! She sprained her wrist trying to get him off the keyboard!

  5. I like those videos! Especially you playing, Victor. You've got some quick paws there.
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  6. Oh Victor,
    You are so big and cute! I didn't realize how manly you are, while still being boyishly adorable.
    It's fun to hear your Momma giggle.
    We had one of those exact toys when we got Walter. I think it's even on our blog in the sidebar?
    I'm posting tonight. Just came over to grab your link!
    Sadie Badie (with a big problem!)

  7. Oooo, Victor, I didn't know you were so big! Dose bideos are great, especially when you are the star.

  8. Did we see yoo bunny kicking da track ball? Woohoo, way to play Victor!