Saturday, May 26, 2007

Meme #2! True Kitty Confeshuns

Marilyn MonREOW started a meme on her bloggie called True Kitty Confessions where we gotta confess naughty stuff we do. The rules are to write as many things as we want, any way we wanna write 'em, and tag as many kitties as we want. Sweet Ariel tagged us! Bonnie let me go furst...
  1. Ok, like I said in my Favorite Fings meme below, I like to lick up the fur that flies when Mom grooms me. But I amost nefur get hairballs.
  2. I also like to groom Mom's hair an the boy's an I'd groom Dad's if he'd let me.
  3. Bonnie barfs a lot, like amost efurry day, an since it's mostly just food, I eat it. She says it's just hairballs.
  4. When the dishwasher is runnin an spits water out the fingy by the sink, I HAS to be on the counter to sniff it.
  5. Don't tell Dad, but I asplore the kitchen counters a lot. He found out when I stepped on him's brownie. I also get up on the scanner to look out the window an up on the model train layout just cuz I can. He don't like that, neither.
  6. I dig in the kitchen garbage when I can an open cupboards to chew plastic bags or help myself to treats.
  7. I chase Bonnie a lot when she don't wanna play. I's makin sure she gets nuf exersize.
  8. I luv the mesh lawndry bags fur smelly lawndry an pull them outa the clean lawndry after they's washed an bite an bunny kick them.
  9. I still stick my nose into Mom's plants an ignore the Cat Grass. I've plucked before an I'll pluck again!
Ok, that's enuf. I tag...
Cat Zee
Gracie & Jinx
Boni Maroni

MY turn. This won't take long. Here are MY confessions:
  1. I sometimes eat too much too quickly, triggering yacking up a hairball. It's not a pretty sight because I back away, lose my balance, and sometimes fall over.
  2. All my life, I've liked to play rough. My beans encouraged me to attack their hands and feet when they didn't know better. For this, they declawed me?!?!
  3. I learned I could really attack hands (biting and bunny kicking) only if they were protected by thick winter gloves. Otherwise, the wimpy beans would cry.
  4. When I was younger, I would leap in the air, twisting gracefully as I chased a toy. My favorites were crinkle balls and balls of tin foil. And yes, I even fetched.
  5. I didn't always land gracefully when chasing toys.
  6. I terrified a pack of Cub Scouts, a veteran of the first Gulf War, and a plumber. My name is a threat among the beans' model railroad friends.
  7. I really AM snarky, an Attack Tabby, and considered psycho by my beans.
  8. I really do love my man, order the woman around, and tolerate my boy. It's hard to find good help.
Tag? Hmmm. I tag:
Sammy and Miles
Patches, Mittens, Mistrie and Precious

Now, what the blog REALLY needs is more pictures of ME.


  1. Hi Bonnie & Victor,

    Loved your answers you two are adorable.Thanks for playing :)

  2. Thanks for tagging us. Momma says we can do it tomorrows!


  3. Bonnie you are an attacked tabby. I will stay away from you!

  4. Oh Bonnie, yoo and Zippy wood get along grate. She can be a little syko. So, is it troo dat konfeshun is good fur da sole?

  5. You both have funny confessions - I liked reading them!

  6. Hmmm ... True Kitty Confeshuns sounds like a neat meme ... Maybe I'll get tagged.

  7. Oh Victor!!! You really are a brat and a little bit gross too.... I fink I luvs you!!!



  8. Oh you all are making us snort laughter. We think you are the Best Badest Kitty Cats...

    Victor, cleaning up after Bonnie is ok by us, and Bonnie, we think you are Fabulous Super Attack Cat. Sending much Bad Kitty Love and purrs

  9. Wow, those are some great confessions! Victor, my humans don't like it when I'm up on the kitchen counters, so they keep the kitchen door closed so I can't go in. Bonnie, you are quite the attack cat! You must make a great guard cat.

  10. You stepped on your daddy's Brownie!?! HAHAHA! That was a good one!

  11. Those were some cool lists, it was neat to learn more about you.

  12. Oooo, ya tagged me! I gotta go fink about this an' come up wif some good stuff.

  13. Those are very interesting facts about you. I can see where a pack of cub scouts could be scary!

  14. Wow Victor, you's a bad boy!

    But...I like bad boys tho! I can learn from them how to be badder, hehe!

    Bonnie, I love your confessions (well, except maybe the yakking up hairballs part). What's pyscho?

  15. You terrified a pack of cub scouts?! Cool.

  16. hehehe, Victor, you're a mancat after my own heart -- I eat barf and dive in trashcans and open cupboards, too! And I'm always chasin' after my sisters whether they wanna play or not, and tryin' to sniff their butts.

    Bonnie, your confeshuns were cool, too -- you're a furry good girl!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  17. Bonnie, how did you scare a Gulf War Veteran? I fink Ebbie wud like to learn dat!


  18. Fanks for tagging us - we will play Tuesday!!