Sunday, February 11, 2007

Mousie Monday!

Mom saw me lookin fur a mousie unner the stove, so she pulled out the drawer an found our whole stash!
Under our Stove
Fur mousies, tinsel balls, milk rings, balls of foil, and efun a lollypop!
What's Under Your Stove?
TEN mousies!!!
Their Stash
Now I can knock them all unner again!
Victor & His Collection

What's unner your stove?

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  1. Wow Victor, dat looks just like unner our stove! Mom hasta pull da drawer out effury day and retreeve our stuff.~Speedy

  2. We don't get stuff under our stove cause our stove doesn't look like that. Its a stove top. Most of our stuff goes under the china cabinet. Come to think of it, Mom hasn't looked under there in awhile. Have to get her to look and see what she can find of ours.


  3. Mum hasn't moved the stove in a long time. But I thoughted you meant real mousies, not just your toy mousies.

  4. no vic, we don't hav any mowsiez under owr stove. but mi brudder mickey fownd a mowsie dat we fergot abowt an he haz been havin da time uv hiz life!

  5. I hadded a GRATE time wif you at Beau and Angie's party the ofur night , my sweet! Fanks fur s-courting us too.
    Purrs and nose kisses~Emmy

    Owr stove doensn't look like that. But, Momma did pull 13 of her hair elastics owt from unner the washer and dryer!

  6. Nuthin' We just got a new one and Mom had to clean under it before it got here. Mostly under ours were dead cheerios and crunchies, dust bunnies (eek!) and milk jug seals.

  7. Wow, it's like Christmas!

    Ever since we moved I can't get anything but food and crazy rings under things, but in the old days, I could put a bunch of toys under the refrigerator!

  8. I get my stuff under the stove all of the time! But I don't think I've ha so many under at once! Tara

  9. There is a lot of icky under our stove. No mousies though.


  10. I think I managed to push a cat food plate under the stove, but the Woman could never find it there!

  11. Yup, dat looks da same as unner owr stove. But wen owr mousies cum owt frum unner der, dey ist covered in fur an dust. Maw hast to pick it off aftore she gives us bak owr mowsies. Yup.

    Luf, Us

  12. We stuffs all our mousies udder da bookcase in da living room. I bet der is at least 10!
    Although I seed Gracie stick one udder da cold box in da food room.


  13. Wow, there were a lot of mousies under the stove! I'm not normally allowed in the kitchen, so I don't have any toys under the stove, but my toys often end up under the couch.

  14. I put mousies and milk top rings under the stove AND under the couch. When I keep looking under, my Food Lady gets them out with a yard stick! That is always fun when all the toys come out!


  15. So that's where all the mousies go to hide!

  16. Mommy always finding things under the couch.She pulls them out yet I just put the back under.

  17. All our mousies hide under the couch or the kitchen island!

  18. Ear plugs (!) are under our stove and under all of the heaters along the walls. Chloe pulls them out of my mammacat's ears and bats them around until they get 'lost'.
    You are so cute with all of those mousies!

  19. Unner stoves are dangerus places. We usually have a million toys that are covered wif fur.

  20. Wow, that is quite a stash indeed! Thanks for snuggling with me Bonnie, it was great that you kept me company while the people were away. Purrs!!


  21. Wow, datz a goood haul!!
    We put our stuff in lotsa places so ifn someone brakes into de house, he wont find'em all.
    We put some under de sofa in de fambly room, n some under de war drobe in deree.
    But mostly we hides'em under de ol' oak chest in de fambly room!!
    I will lay dere n look n mama er daddy will git a big stick to pull dem out, n dat stick is fun too!!
    Once daddy looked under dere he sed "I see wonderful things" n we have called it King Tut's Tomb ever since!!

    Come visit me!!!

    LOis, de ol' laydee cat

  22. we gots a stoopid 'lectrick stovetop cuz we're just renters an duzzn't haf a say in the matter. we gotta shove our mousies unner the door in the hall clozit.

  23. That's quite a haul of goodies that came out from under the stove. Have fun playing with all of it again.