Monday, December 18, 2006

Gifties! Fank you, Emmy, Meeko & Kiara!

What's this?
What's that box, Bonnie?
I Smell Treats
I smell... treats? And my sweet Emmy!
Let's Open It
Let's open it!
Oh, wait, I asked Emmy to visit an we could all open it together - You, me, Emmy, Kiara, and Meeko! I don't fink Mom will mind.
For Us?
Ha! We got it open. Is ALL THIS fur us? Let's see... the ormanents say our names, but I's by yurs an yur by mine!
Bleh to you, Bonnie!
MOM! Bonnie's callin me names! Bleh to you, Bonnie.
Self Serve
Just wait while I get these open...
Treats 3
There... 1 fur you an 2 fur me; 1 fur you an 2 fur me.

Fank you so much, Emmy, Kiara an Meeko fur our gifties! We's furry happy kitties an see how well we werked togefur? Mom said fanks fur the magnet, too! Purrs to Meeko an Kiara, an nose kisses to my sweet Emmy!


  1. We's furry glad that y'all liked yur pressies!! We hadded sooo much fun visitin' wif you! We helped Momma make the ornaments...heehee. Y'all will haf to come visit us this weekend....Momma and Daddy will be in Texas, so we'll be all alone. Well, Miss Keri will be takin' care of us.
    ~Meeko, Kiara, & Emmy

    P.S- You can check out our new water fountain when you come visit.

    P.P.S.- Nose kisses and chin rubs to my sweetest Victor. ~Em

  2. Feathers! I love those feathers toys!

  3. nice purresents! we can't take our eyes off the fev-ver balls...

  4. What terrific Secret Paws gifts! You two should have great fun with all of your presents!

  5. Bonnie and Victor, you look positively happy to be in the same photo here. Is Bonnie mellowing? Surely not!

  6. Gasp! Working togefur as a TEAM? Oh the Christmas spirit is in you. Secret Paws is so much fun and it makes us play togefur.

  7. Amazin, huh? But it's not secrit paws, it's our speshul gift frum my sweetie Emmy an her fambly. An we got sumfin Mom's gotta send them, too. It's Christmouse time an Bonnie wants to be nice fur Sandy Claws.

  8. You both look like you're having a great time! And who wouldn't? Presents!!!

  9. we saw your comment on butterscotchs blog friskys address is

  10. you guys gots lotsa nice gifts. we hopes WE gets some fev-vers, too. glad you were able to distribute them wifout bloodshed; that's allus "iffy" in our house!

  11. Oooo how sweet a nice purrsent from yur sweeties. Yu bofth look like yu are havin lots of fun. Prezzies are furry nice.


  12. We wanted to let you know that your Secret Paws presents were mailed out today. Hopefully they will get there on Saturday. If not, we are very very sorry. But just who are we?????

  13. Those are very nice presents. It's great to see both of you sharing. I hope it lasts.

  14. You guys are KAYOOOT! Prezzies are fun!

  15. Nice gifts.Lucky kittys.

  16. Oh hi bonny! I will help keep victor away from yer treats iffn you want :)

  17. Oh those are super sweet secret paw pressies. We like your ornaments. Hang them on the tree right away :) ~Merlin, SHadow, Ko KO

  18. Mum won't let us open ours til Kittymas.....


    Nice gifties there, Victor dude....


  19. Hi Miss Bonnie, I jus wanted to say Merry Kissmouse and ithinkyouarefurrybeautiful. There I seded it!~Speedy
    Merry Kissmouse effury poodin and bean!~Zippy and Sadie

  20. Lovely lovely! :)

    Oh sheesh, I wanted to post my pic of your lovely gifts for us since furrever... butbutBUT... the woman has misplaced her soft copy of the jpg files and she's still searching for them.

    So sorry about that. We'll find 'em soon, promise.