Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Happy Purrthday, Mom!

My bestest furiend Skeezix

let the cat out of the bag...Victor Bagging 3...so to speak.
It's Mom's PURRTHDAY today!
She gotted sum new clothes fur us to lie on that camed wif tissue paper an ribbons fur us to play wif! Isn't that nice? An Mr. Boss tooked her out to lunch, but she didn't bring us any. An Dad made a nice dinner efurryone liked wif meat an she shared her meat wif me (Bonnie wasn't round or she'da got some too I bet).

And Dad an the boy gaf Mom this book that's not aposed to fall into human hands, but I guess since it's, you know, MOM, an not just any human, it's ok. See the book marker? It's a gold kitty an Mom can wear it if she wants.

The Catkins Diet Book
The Catkins Diet

Bonnie an I are gonna study this book when Mom's not around cuz it's all bout gettin more meat from humans.

So Happy Purrthday to mine Mom, the bestest in the whole world. An Happy be-lated Purrthday to Kaze, Latte, an Chase's mom! Fanks to all our furiends who already camed by an wished Mom a Happy Purrthday. I fink if she was a cat, she'd be purring.


  1. Happy happy birthday to your mom! I hope you and Bonnie made her a tuna cake to celebrate.

  2. Happy Purrfday to y'all's Mom!!!
    ~Meeko, Kiara, & Emmy

    P.S.-Victor, I tried to post a new pic-shur of me but blogger is being stoopid (again) an won't put the post up. I'm glad we gotted to hang out this weekend.
    ::purrs & nuzzles::

  3. Happy Purrfday to your mommy!!! Lots of purrrrss from us!

  4. Oh, Happy Birthday to your bestest mom!

  5. HAPPIE HAPPIE BURTHDAY!!! HAPPIE HAPPIE BURTHDAY! Yeaaaa, happie "gotcha day" to yer lady!

  6. Me and Tiger and Bebe and Blackie are sending Happy Birfday wishes to yur Mom frum Ha-why-eee!
    P.S. Quincy too!

  7. Happy Purrthday to Bonnie and Victor's Mommy! Headbutts and sandpaper kisses for you,

    The Monsters

  8. Happy purffday to your Momma! YEAH!

  9. Happy Purrthday ta yur momma! let's all roll in nip!

  10. Happy Birthday to your Mom. That sounds like a good book to study.

  11. Yer Mom had a purrthday and we missed it! The horrors!

    Headbutts and Kisses if a little late.


  12. Oh no, we misted ur mommas birfday. Well, Happy Birthday Bonnie and Victors mom and many, many more.

  13. Happy Birthday to your Mom.

  14. Happy Purrthday from me and mum. Hope that you have many more.

    VT you look all wrapped up like a purresent for your mum.

  15. Happy birthday to your mom! How cool you gots tissue stuff to play with too!

  16. Oh no!! anuvver purrfday we's late furr. Ennyway Victor an Bonnie's mum, HAPPY BELATED PURRFDAY TO YOO.

  17. Gah! Sorry for lateness. Happy puurthday!!!

    CatDonna & Cats

  18. Add us to the belated Happy Birthday wishes.


  19. Oh Victor Happy Belated Birthday to your Mom. Sounds like she had a real nice one. Really liked the picture of you in the bag. Hope you enjoy the book. Let me know how it is.


  20. Sorry we didn't come for a visit this week...a furry, furry Happy Belated Birthday to your mom! We hope it was the best ever!

    lots o purrs and love,
    leo and bamb

  21. Ohhh! Happy Purrthday!!
    Excuse me for my lateness!