Monday, November 20, 2006

The Bestest Cat Calendar

I's so acited, I falled off a chair. I gots two fings to tell you all about.

First of all, we's calendar stars... Mom Robyn at the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats tooked all the pictors kitty bloggers sent her an made them into a calendar! First, there's a calendar wif all the cats in a collage, an then there's a calendar wif different pictors each monf! They're grouped by color an activity, so I'm on the tabby page an a page of cats bein silly. Bonnie's on the tabby page an a page of sleepin kitties. Mom can't wait to get the calendar. Robyn also made a poster of the collage an that's what the boy wants fur his room. Fanks, Mom Robyn!!!

An you know the bestest part? The very bestest part is, all the money from the calendar sales is gonna help cats in the blogosphere who reely need it cuz their beans are outa werk or sick or bof. So we get to be IN the calendar, we can buy the calendar, AND we's helpin out our furiends! This is sooooo kewl. See my pictor? In the collage? I'm in the furry lower left. Bonnie's a little to my right; see her yellow tag? An Mom also slipped in a pictor of Charcoalie, Sunny and Cloudy from afore they went to live wif the Calico Girls.

We gots a button in the sidebar so you can go get one of these kewl calendars. As soon as I can get Mom's plastic money fing, I'm pouncin that link!

Ok, next, guess what? Guess! Ok, I'll tell you. I asked Mom last week if we could gif a prize to our 15,000nd visitor cuz the counter was gettin close, but she said it's not a good time fur that, so then I looked at our bloggy last Monday morning, and I was number 15,000! Hooray fur me, I'm the 15,000th visitor to...

Wul, it should be worth an extra treat at least, right?
Fanks EFURRYONE fur visitin us so much an come back soon, kay? An don't furget to buy a calendar!


  1. WOW....y'all are stars!!! We didn't get owr pic-shurs in the calendar (BAD Momma!!) That's way cool that you are tho!
    ~Meeko & Kiara

    Victor my swett....yur not gonna furget 'bout me now that yur famous, are you??? I hope not!!
    Purrs & kisses~Emmy

  2. Oh man I never got my picture in :( =sob=

    I'll go check it out anyway. The rest of y'all are pretty enough to make up for me not being in it ;)

  3. Oh I think I'm on the same pages--'cause I'm a tabby and I'm sleeping! It's a good calendar.

  4. Wow that is so cool. You're all calendar cats!

    Now I can say I hang out with MODELS!!!!!

    (Choc doesn't count.)


  5. Hi BU and VT, thanks for the Welcome!

  6. I'm so excited about the calendar, the Lap Lady already ordered ours!!


  7. we luv the calendar! didn't it turn out great? even though Cocoa's the only one of us in it (grrrrrrrrrrrr). congrats on the 15,000+ - way ta go!!!

  8. That is a beautiful calendar.

  9. wow, you've had a lotta visitors to your blog!

  10. happy thanksgiving to you, bonnie and victor, and to all the beans, too!!

    purrs from
    nels, ed, nitro, & xing

  11. Yer the 15,000 visitur....what prize do yoo get? We hope it has sumething to do with TONS of CATNIP and TURKEY FUR Thanksgiving!!!

  12. Oh we gots to get some of those calendars too. It is such a good thing ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko kO

  13. Happy Thanksgiving Victor an Bonnie! We boughted the calendar too so we'll be able to see yur picshur in there. We gotted mixed up wif email so our picshurs didn't get in but Mom Robyn is going to fix that fur the late kitties.

  14. I think that part about being the 15000 visitor to your won blog is hilarious....I've been the big number visitor to my own blog too often

  15. HAHAHA, Victor, we love that YOU were the 15000 visitor to your own blog, LOL!!!

    We got a calendar, too. Small Boy already told mom that he wants it for his room! She might have to buy another for herself...
    ~ nala

  16. But...where is my Picture? Sniff!! =^^´=