Sunday, October 15, 2006

DAD - Mom Broked the Blog!

commenting and trackback have been added to removed from this blog.

Victor: Why's Mom mad at the puter, Bonnie?

Bonnie: Cuz she tried sumfing wif the blog an it's not werkin.

Victor: She BROKED our BLOGGIE???

Bonnie: No, it's not broked, I mean broken, sumfing she tried just didn't werk right.

Victor: Why'd Mom brake our bloggie?

Bonnie: It's NOT BROKEN! Look, she wanted to try Haloscan, but it sorta hid our old comments.

Victor: Why'd she wanna hide our old comments? I like what our furiends say.

Bonnie: She wasn't trying to hide our old comments.

Victor: Then why'd she try hailin... scanin... that fing on our bloggie?

Bonnie: I'm not sure. I fink it had to do wif followin tracks... trackbacks? An lotsa ofur cats use it. But it's easier wif a new bloggie an ours isn't new.

Victor: If she wants to follow cat tracks, I know where the boy's paints are.

Bonnie: Hmmm. No, not that kind of tracks. And not train tracks, eifur. Don't efun go there - you KNOW you've been climbin on my man's layout.

Victor: Um, wul... anyway, if this blog hailin scanin trackin fing made our bloggie broked, why doesn't she, um... get rid of it?

Bonnie: Good idea. I'll ORDER her to remove the Haloscan code from the template and put fings back the way they was.

Victor: Just ask her to fix it. Mom, I fink you owe us extra treats an stuff fur this.

Mom: I know, I know, you want your blog fixed. Nothing wrong with Haloscan, but it doesn't play nicely with Blogger. So I'm removing it and all the old comments are back. And Victor? Stay off the layout.

Charcoalie: Excuse me, but about the treats...

Mom: Don't these two piggies get enough treats already?

Charcoalie: Exactly. In fact, I think the boy might know something about a certain cat paw, a certain kitchen cupboard, and a certain spilled bag of Temptations this morning... while you were in the shower.

Mom: Victor!


  1. We luv yer bantur with eachothur. Its grate. HOpe yoo get yer blog fixed soon.

  2. If you want old Blogger comments to be there with Haloscan, you gotta do it manually... it's a pain in the tail, but they're not really gone, just hiding.

  3. o, Victor 'n Bonnie, blogger been reely bad this weekend. it eats sum pickshures we posted, losted two of our comments. hope u gets effurrything fixed rights.

  4. That's what Mom said - they's hidin. An wif 115+ posts, that's a lotta comments. An she tried it wif 10, an couldn't change the time back to when they reely posted, an then she said "Why did I do this anyway???"

  5. Fine, well, this is all better now, right? Don't forget to go back and read MY furry important post from Fursday, afore all this sillyness. Hmph.

  6. ya tattlin' on Victor?

  7. Well, it looks like Momma won't be trying Haloscan!

  8. Oh gosh, Mommy's gonna fall outta the chair laffin again!!! She knows how your Mommy feels. She hadded to figger it out and it was kinda complycated.

    She maded herself stop laffin cuz she feels sorry for your Mommy gettin tangled in it. She says Haloscan will work AND you can leave the old comments -- we does it for hostin purrayer circles on our bloggy. If your Mommy wants help, tell her to email us and Mommy said she'd help out.

    We's glad your bloggy is werkin now tho!

    Sanjee, Boni, Mini, Pepi and Gree

  9. Ha, Ha. Blogger problems as usual.

  10. There's no need to mess with your blog. We liked it just the way it was!

    Now, as for Charcoalie blaming Victor, we think he's being framed! We know Victor is innocent of any wrongdoing.

  11. Charcoalie is being a snitch. Bad kitty. Mum figures the blog works as well as we need it to. We aren't changing stuff, just to add linkies.

  12. We hadded a wondeful visit wif y'all. THe trees were furry pretty. Don't worry 'baout the treats....we gotted plenty. Come visit us next time!

    I hadded a great time snuggling wif you Victor!!

  13. Good grief, my laughing may have come across wrong above. I hope not! I was just laughing because it's that or cry sometimes with these "oh so wonderful" services, and I remember pulling my own hair out trying to get haloscan and other various bits working. Yes, they're wonderful when they work, but not so much when they don't.
    "Purrs" (cheezy human imitation of a purr)
    Mom Robyn

  14. No misunderstanding, Robyn! If we can't laugh at ourselves, how can we laugh at anyone else?

    I was stubbornly trying to make it work, quit for the night, and came back to it wondering why I wanted it in the first place! I learned a thing or two more about my template:-)

    At this point, yeah, it would be kewl to have Haloscan working, but... "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

  15. Charcoalie didn't really snitch... he just suggested Mom ask the boy. No names were mentioned. Mom jumped to conk-lu-shuns agin. {crunch, crunch} I do love my Temptations.

  16. Heehee. Um, there's a reason they are called TEMPTATIONS. If they didn't want us to be tempted, they shouldn't buy em! (nevermind I said that...)
    ~ moose

  17. Hahahahahahahahaha!!! Mom broke my blog once trying to put some kind of counter on it. Actually the counter put itself on the blog and broke it. Mom fixed it but every week when the counter came to collect data it broke it all over again. Boy, was Mom mad!!!!!

  18. It was worth a try, right? Some Haloscan users I have no problems with. Others, it takes forever to publish the comment! Victor, you better hide! ;)

  19. Bonnie...yes they did shave my leg and it looks awful! They shaved under my neck too, and stuck a thing up my butt, and lots of other insensitive things. But, the ladies were all so good to me there in the hospital place.


  20. Oh, Mittens! The indignity of it all! I got fed up wif them an gave em a piece of my mind. I lunged at one of the beans in pajamas an made my ivy come loose. They sent me home acause I was prolaly more stressed at the vet than I'd be at home.

  21. I know it clearly: Your human mother has tried to sabotage yours blog so that the cats we do not conquer the blogosphera, but she will not obtain it. Muhahahaha!

  22. Oh Mom hates them 'puter problems speshully after a glass of whine.

  23. we are glad your bloggie is all compos mentis again, as mom sez. we likes ta go back ofur comments, too, and if they was hidin', we'd be MAD!

    nels, ed, nitro, & xing