Saturday, September 09, 2006

Cat Remembrance Day

Since today is 9/9, representing our 9 lives, we wish to remember the cats who came before us. The first cat was Bigotes, a big black & white tuxie with a big heart. Mom wrote a long tribute that I posted on my secrit other blog here.

Mom hasn't finished the tribute to her second cat, Scruffy. Too much playin round at werk. But it'll come soon.

The guy in the blue shorts camed to my house an left me TWO mails! I asked Mom if it's my purthday or gotchaday, but she said no. They is pressies frum my bestest furiends, Pumpkin and Skeezix!
Pumpkin was the 10,001th visitor to my bloggie, so we sent him sum goodies, an he thanked me by sending... fev-vers! Real, live, wonnerful fev-vers frum his own purrsonal fev-ver machine, Quincy. Fanks Pumpkin, Quincy, an Linda-mom!

I play rough wif fev-vers! I'm in fev-ver heaven!
Rowr! Take that, fev-ver!

Won't Grr be jealous? Oh, that's right, she's got Quincy fev-vers of her own, an now these are mine! I might share wif Bonnie if she's nice.

Then there was a whole box frum Skeezix! I helped Mom open it. It had that certain smell... I can't quite place it... CATNIP!
Actually, I safed the catnip fur last. efurryfing was in a bag wif a PINK bow, so I knowed it was from Skeezix fur certain!
I started wif the tinsel ball... I LOVES tinsel balls!

Then, an only then, I attacked that nip bag. Rowr!
I can open it myself, see, I gots sharp teeths an nails just right fur rippin the bag open!
There's also Temptations (my favoritest - how did you know?) an stinky goodness an a game called Pin the Tail on the Mao Butt! Oh, an Friends of Skeezix pins an a magnet an... all sortsa good stuff!

But Skeez, I'm a little confused. I was second in yur Meow Mix Howse contest an I got great Skeezix pins (Mom's behind on helpin me post them). So, what did I do this time??? Musta been somefin GOOD! Fanks so much, Skeez!

Gee, Pumpkin an Skeezix are such thoughtful furiends! Purr, purr, purr.
Mom, can I puts the fev-vers in the catnip? What's "overkill?"


  1. Remembering Bigotes brought back many memories of Mom's cat, Butchie. Bigotes sure led a full life.

  2. Wow, you sure got it all to-day! Fev-vers AND nip! Wow!

  3. Victor - Skeezix is sendin out party packs fur his birfday party this week. Didja say you was goin? Maybe that's yur party pack. If it is, ya better save summa that stuff fur the party or yur gonna be too high on nip ta attend.

    aren't those fev-vers yummy? they're as yummy as the real live canada goosie fev-vers!

  4. Yup, you're right! It's my par-tay pack! Do you fink it's ok to chase the tinsel ball an mousie now an not wait until the party?

  5. i'll betcha it's ok to chase the ball 'n' mousie now--just ask yerself "what would skeezix do in this situation?" i bet he'd chase 'em! he's a happenin' kinda guy and doesn't like to miss out on fun. just don't overdo and have nuthin' left for the party--we'll all see ya there!

    we didn't know there was a kitty 'membrance day, so we will tell Her and i know She'll write something about each cat-that-was. She wrote about uncle eeker already, but i don't know if there are even pictures of all of them. it'll be a project! She LOVES projects . . . *wink*

    nelson lapurr

  6. Wow VT a great bag of goodies. Skeez did a wonderful job of choosing. Have fun playing with those green fevvers.

  7. Wow, neat packages and gifties. Have fun & enjoy.

  8. Oh my Victor, that's lots going on for you right now! And then all those presents! YEAH.

  9. Kitty Rememberance Day is a good idea. I should pass it on to the Mom even though we'll be a day late.

    And I love your presents! Feathers and Nip? Someone must really like you. I'm jealous. :)

  10. Victor you sure hit the mother load on your pressies! How am dem fevvers tastin? Once you hit on dat nip then play wif dose green fevvers it mus be one furry strange esperience.

  11. Wow! Those presents are amazing! Having never had real feathers, you'll have to tell us all about how they taste! Congratulations and have lots of fun with your new things!

  12. Victor that lots of luvly prezzents yoo got. Fev-vers are reely good fun.

  13. You sure got a lot of goodies there. Looks like you are having a lot of fun playing with all the things. I think I like the tinsel ball, got to put a bug in Mom's ear. Or maybe a froggy.


  14. I like your Cat Remembrance Day (even though I am 2 days behind in my blog reading.) I would like to remember Junior, who made it possible for me to have the home I do now (who probably everykitty read about in My Story.)

  15. This is amazing. Wee hardlie evur get male but we got a prezzie just like yers. Isn't skeezix the cuulest. We are so luckie to have such grate frends like Bonnie, victor and skeezix. Thanks fur everyone being so cul!!!

  16. Hi Victor - i'm not insluted that you saided i might be 1 part klingon on Sanjee's blog. I do has a dark face like that klingon. But i has nicer furs. You can come out from unner the bed now. - Miles

  17. Hi, Victor - I don't think we've really met yet, but I just want to drop by and say hi, because I've heard good things about you!

    I'll let you get back to your nip and feathers now!


  18. Wow! Real fev-vers...the only fev-vers we ever get is the ones that we steal out of this thing mom calls a fev-ver duster...which I don't unerstand, cause she never dusts any fev-vers with it...

  19. Hi yall! Fanks lots for recommending our blog to the fleas guys!
    Boni, Sanjee, Mini, Pepi and Gree

  20. Dont you just luv prezzies?!! We get prezzies sometimes from our Catster furrends and its just the bestest ting ever!

    What nice furrends you have in Sheesix & Pumpkin.

    Good to see you!

    Purrs - Your furrends @ The Kitty Cat's Corner

    PS: Make sure to vote for one of us on our bloggie! :)