Thursday, February 16, 2006

Snow Day!

Just a quickie - We have a snow day. This school district "never" closes school for weather, but this is the third time in the 6 years the boy has attended. Last night at 7, there was nothing but clouds; but by 10, there were a couple inches and nothing falling. It wasn't snowing around 4 AM (Victor snuggle time) or from 7 to 8 AM, but at 8 it started again - big flakes falling quickly. There's also lightning and thunder, which always surprises me during a snow storm. 8:30 now and near white-out conditions... I have pictures of Victor watching snow and some before & during pictures I'll post later. Thanks to modern technology, I can do some work at home. Ah, well, I should do housework, too. Look at the litter boxes, Lady! - Bonnie
Yes, Bonnie, I know.


  1. Snow days! Mom and Dad used to like snow days when they could lay in bed and be warm and watch tv and do nothing all day! Too bad technology lets you work.


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    Tannie Man,
    The Whippy Curly Tails in the Toasty South

  3. To the humans: You have our sympathy -- been there, done that (and recently). :-)

    To the cats: Don't let them get away with lazing around the house just because it snowed a little bit.

  4. We have posted pawtrait hints on our blog too if you need them!

  5. We don't get snow days here - we get ice days. Then our kids want to go out and "play in it," and Mom has to argue with them about breaking their necks, etc. No fun.

    Our smallest boy is in 5th grade. It sounds like yours is too? Does he get to play in the snow? We would like to see some snow, but it does sound like a lot of work for the people, who have to get out in it with big kitty scoopers and move it off of sidewalks. I think Dad would get stuck with that job.
    ~ moose

  6. The boy is "playing" in the snow now - helping shovel the driveway because he wants "money". Yes, 5th grade. His school and daycare actually have sleds for the kids to play with on the playground! Mom and Dad grew up near Los Angeles, with no snow and certainly no snow days. No ice days, either.

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