Friday, January 27, 2006

Stoopid Humans

My stoopid humans have been too "busy" to let us post. What a sorry excuse! We have important postings to do, and they go running off, leaving the puters off. Hmph. My next hairball has your name on in.
Tomorrow, I'm going to the Calico Girls' Nap-a-thon. Now I'll be busy, and the people proly will leave the puters available. Hmmph. Why do they think I growl alla time, just causa Victor? Nyah.
Stoopid humans.
But I'm looking forward to the Nap-a-thon. I bet that'll be many kinds of fun. Then I'll come back and get some proper bloggin and pictors posted. I have my priorities!


  1. I just got werds...Victor IS coming!!!

  2. Nooo! I want my quiet NO VICTOR time. Um... I mean, as Victor's coach, I say he shouldn't be partying, he should be training.
    Please, please make him stay home. He's stinky and pounces and gets on my nerves! MOM, go keep Victor awake.