Sunday, January 08, 2006

Runaway Mousey - Caught!

One of my mouseys tried to get away today. See, my humans do some hunting called model railroading. They keep club modules in the basement that unfold into tables that look like outside but really small so they can play with toy trains. But we're not sposed to chase the trains. My mom's adding some linkies to this post so you can learn more about it if you want and my people are even in some of the pictors.

Um, so, when these modules are folded up in the basement, they become big wooden boxes with a narrow passage with the fake outside on the inside. Bonnie and I like to dash through there - It's fun 'cause the little fake trees tickle (and the people don't want us to). We remove dust and cob webs, so they should thank us. One time, I took a mousey down to the basement to chase around the modules, but I thought it got away. Today, my dad took one of the boxes with him to a meeting, and when they opened it, my mousey fell out! They caught it and showed their friends and when they brought it home, I was so happy to see it, I killed it again. I hope it had a nice train ride :-)


  1. My person has a lego train. all the trees are reall plasticky and no fun to rub.

  2. Sounds like a very fun place to play! It's good you found your stray mousie, too.

  3. Moseskitty, my boy has Lego Trains, too! I like to chase the pieces he sometimes leaves out. Wm, the basement is lotsa fun 'cause there are many boxes to hide and climb, spiders to chase, and sometimes I can get up high. It's cooler down there and the little room with machines and a litter box has a cold floor.