Friday, January 13, 2006

Mom? MOM??

I was upset yesterday. I was watching my mom getting all wet behind the glass door, and she sat down in there and started taking fur off her legs! Humans have such yucky fur, I couldn't believe she would take it off.

So I rubbed the door and meowed as loud as I can again and again, "Mom, Mom, Don't!" She was talking to me, but I didn't understand. I tried to open the door, but it's a pull. I was so worried!

Then she stood up and stopped the rain and came out like normal. Well, I rubbed her and chin butted her to show how glad I was to see she was ok. Humans are so strange! Do you think she'll be ok without that fur?


  1. I think she will be okay. My Mum does that too, then she goes and puts what she calls "clothes" on so that she keeps warm. I think it is because they don't have as much fur as we do, but I think it is a bit silly. I mean, you don't see us doing that, do you!

    You might have to keep a good eye on her for a while, cuddle close so you know she is not getting cold. That's what I do.

  2. She'll be just fine Victor. Our Mum does it too. I like to check on her when she's in the rainmaker as well. But, ours doesn't have a door, it has a curtain, so a kitty has to be careful not to get wet.


  3. Hi Victor!

    Thanks for coming by our blog - you were our very firstest commenter!! We even maked your blog our firstest link. We have been coming to all the cat blogs for a few months but only just made our own.

    You know, I get very concerned when my mom goes in that waterfall plase too. I cry and cry at her wen she comes out all yucky icky wet, but she just laughs at me. She calls me her lifeguard cos I am allways there wen she comes out. Of corse, I have to make sure she can still make my brekkies!

    Buddy the Orange

  4. Aren't beans weird to get in the rain like that? Mom says it's grooming, but I wonder if she's not just saying that to make me feel better. Imagine grooming with rain! Weird. But it never makes her sick or nothin, so I guess it's ok. She takes her fake fur off, those clothes things, AND she shaves her funny real fur off parts of her too. Thing is, she doesn't look all that different without the fur parts cuz being a bean, she doesn't have much fur to begin with. I don't know why she bothers. I'd rather nap, myself.